Day Camps

Day Camp is a time to make new friends, try new things, come face-to-face with a giraffe and challenge North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower.

For more than 25 years, Busch Gardens® Tampa has provided children with inspiring, exciting and educational experiences and we look forward to having your child join us this year.

We have a variety of Day Camps to fit your kid's grade level and interest.

Grades K-1

Animal Investigators - Explore the world of animals through up-close encounters. Learn more

Wildlife Warriors - Discover what makes animals unique and what you can do to help animals in your backyard. Learn more

Grades 1-2

Colorful Communicators - Learn how animals use camouflage to find friends or stay hidden from predators. Learn more

Habitat Helpers - Explore animals and the creature comforts they need to call an environment home. Learn more

Grades 3-4

BioBuddies - Meet animals from the land and the sea, with a day trip to SeaWorld. Learn more

Super Sleuths - Get to the bottom of how the park operates with a week of thrills, splashes, and shows. Learn more

Zoo Chefs - Make lunch for a lemur and feed a giraffe as you learn what it takes to feed all the animals. Learn more

Grades 5-6

Adventure Apprentices - Discover the behind the scenes secrets it takes to keep Busch Gardens running smoothly. Learn more

Adventure Trekkers - Travel to different attractions throughout the Tampa and Orlando area for unique adventures. Learn more

Creature Researchers - Learn the skills it takes to be a wildlife researcher by observing a variety of animals. Learn more

Splash Seekers - Enjoy Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, and SeaWorld as you discover the thread that ties them all together. Learn more

Grades 7-8

Adventure Champions - Compete in a whirlwind adventure through Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, and Aquatica. Learn more

Junior Zookeepers - Discover what it’s like to work with exotic animals. Learn more

SEA Trekkers - Explore Busch Gardens, splash through Aquatica and spend the night at SeaWorld. Learn more

Thrill Seekers - Learn team-building skills as you experience the thrills. Learn more

Grades 9-12

Counselor in Training - Work with our expert educators to gain valuable experience working with kids.

What do the camps include?

Camps include the following amenities:

  • Daily lunches, snacks & drinks
  • A Camp T-shirt and a water bottle
  • A complimentary photo with a Busch Gardens animal ambassador
  • Complimentary admission to Busch Gardens following camp each day for campers

We are adding additional FAQ information in the upcoming days. 


Day Camp Release Form - Be sure to complete, sign and return the forms contained in this document no later than two weeks prior to the start date of a camp.


Day Camp Parent Handbook - Download the handbook to find all kinds of useful information such as frequently asked questions, arrival information, camp schedules and more.