Just for Teachers

As educators, we offer you specific services to enrich your career and your classroom.

With every program we offer, our dedicated staff at Busch Gardens®Tampa strive to bring you (and your students) into a closer relationship with wildlife and the habitats they (and we) depend upon.

We accomplish task through our unique access to fascinating animals and behaviors, our well-versed and experienced Education & Conservation staff and a core commitment to inspire individuals and communities to action on behalf of wild animals and wild places the world over.

We offer:

    Teacher Overnights at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay offers you the chance to network with other educators from around the state, share ideas and brainstorm ways to encourage students to get students involved with the natural world.

    Shamu TV is an award-winning environmental education series, focused on the delivery of content highlighting the wonders of wildlife.

    Our Guides and Activities provide you with classroom-ready information to teach your students about the environment, in a hands-on way.

For more information, contact us at 1-877-BGT-CAMP.

Educators After Dark

Kids aren't the only ones having fun at the zoo! This just-for-teachers night will allow you to network with educators from around the state, share ideas and brainstorm a plan of action that encourages students to get involved. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's Education staff facilitates standards-based, interdisciplinary activities for grades K-12 and provides take-home curriculum.

In the fall, we hold Animal Adaptations, a chance to meet professional zoo staff and investigate the park after dark. As the lights go down, see firsthand the amazing transformation of nocturnal species - and meet a few animal ambassadors with some very special traits face-to-face.

In the spring, we offer ABCs of Conversation, a chance to gather new ideas on how to introduce and integrate conversation into your classroom no matter what subject you teach!

For upcoming dates and times, visit Educators After Dark.

Shamu TV

Shamu TV is an award-winning environmental education series from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. Each episode brings you face-to-face with the wonders of wildlife. Each 30-minute episode features unforgettable stories about amazing animals and the remarkable efforts of people working together to save some of the worlds most endangered and threatened species.


Teacher's Guides have been developed at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens to help you teach your students - in an active, hands-on way - about how people interact with the environment and how we can best care for Earth's resources.

Each guide includes goals and objectives, information, vocabulary, a bibliography, and classroom activities. Activities strive to integrate science, mathematics, geography, art and language.

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Classroom Activities

Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando have developed activities for teachers to utilize in their classrooms.

Each lesson is age appropriate and build around species, career and environmental themes.

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