Discovery Program: “Animal Detective Agency” - Grade 6-8

Kick learning into high gear during your Zoo School day, by adding this 50-minute hands-on program, focusing on research and forensic science.

This “who-dunnit” focuses on forensics and scientific investigation as students become official “Animal Detectives”. They’ll search for clues to find the culprit of a mysterious crime and get up close and personal with animals in the process.

“Animal Detective Agency” is a 50-minute, classroom based program, complete with a visit from one of our animal ambassadors, designed for sixth-eighth grade students. Each session includes an opportunity to hone scientific skills through:

• Hands-on explorations
• Science notebook components
• Animal Encounters

“Animal Detective Agency” connects with the following Next Generation Sunshine State Standards:
• SC.6.N.1.4
• LA.
• SC.8.N.1.4

This program can be fit into your Zoo School day for an additional fee, adding to your list of standards met.  Groups of more than 70 participants must be able to stay until 2 p.m. 

Students: $5 each (in addition to the Zoo School fee)

• Classroom Teachers: one FREE per classroom
• One Chaperone per 15 paid students:  FREE
• Additional Chaperones:  $15 each (in addition to the Zoo School fee)

*Chaperones are required for school field trips.  Maximum number of chaperones (INCLUDING teachers, free and paying chaperones) is ONE per FOUR students.  

All pricing and programs are subject to change and availability.