School on the Serengeti: Grades K-5

Add even more adventure to your Zoo School day by adding this 30-minute, open-air truck tour out onto our Serengeti Plain® habitat.

Take a trip onto our Serengeti Plain to experience wildlife up close and feed some of the animals that call the Serengeti Plain home. Learn firsthand why a giraffe’s tongue is dark, and why a zebra has stripes as you learn about adaptations on this interactive tour.


“School on the Serengeti” is a 30-minute interactive tour, and provides an unforgettable and unique learning experience. Designed for Kindergarten through fifth grade students, you will travel by open-air truck to get up close to wildlife and feed some of the animals on the Serengeti Plain habitat.

“School on the Serengeti” connects with the following Next Generation Sunshine State Standards:


This program can be fit into your Zoo School day for an additional fee, adding to your list of standards met.


Students: $20 each (in addition to the Zoo School fee)


  • Classroom Teachers: one FREE per classroom
  • One Chaperone per 15 paid students: FREE
  • Additional Chaperones: $20 each (in addition to the Zoo School fee)
  • *Chaperones are required for school field trips. Maximum number of chaperones (INCLUDING teachers, free and paying chaperones) is ONE per FOUR students.

    All pricing and programs are subject to change and availability.