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335 feet tall. 90 degree mid-air turn. 68-ton counterweight. More than 6,000 bolts. How much do you really know about North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower – Falcon’s Fury™?

Take a deeper behind-the-scenes dive in to how Falcon’s Fury works, including facts, statistics and more:

  • 105 h-piles for the foundation driven between 75’-205’ into the ground
  • These h-piles were fused together with a 5’ thick concrete pile cap that took 45 truckloads of concrete. A 50’x50’ hole 25’ deep was dug to install the pile cap
  • Parts have been shipped from Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany
  • A 383-foot tall crane was used to assemble the final segments of the tower
  • Construction started in June
  • The base tube is 95 tons
  • 105 ton second tube segment (single heaviest piece)
  • 77-ton machine house
  • 68-ton counterweight
  • Four DC motors in the machine house (at the top)
  • 32 seats separated into rows of 4 (8 rows)
  • Variable hold time at the top of the ride before drop (so you never know how long you’ll hang there)
  • Five to six second freefall time (according to the ride manufacturer)
  • Eddy Current Braking system (magnetic brakes)
  • Over 6,000 bolts to tie all of the tube segments together
  • Eight tube segments and one machine house
  • The side “wings” at each end of the seat carriage are made out of carbon fiber to help keep weight down

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