Sea Rescue™

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Sea Rescue™

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Hosted by Sam Champion, managing editor of The Weather Channel and former weather anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, the award-winning Sea Rescue™ tells the stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation, and return to the wild by the dedicated men and women of the SeaWorld® Rescue Team and partner organizations. The popular show has been seen by more than 100 million viewers.

With rescue teams on call 24/7 and a legacy spanning more than four decades, SeaWorld has rescued over 22,000 whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, manatees, sea turtles and birds, with the ultimate goal of successfully rehabilitating and returning each one to the wild. Sea Rescue shares the teams' incredible and heartwarming adventures through a combination of first-hand accounts, expert insights, and remarkable footage that will inspire, educate, and enthrall viewers!

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More Rescue Videos

Our Rescues

Watch more about the release of "Cop Car", the Sea Lion you may have recently seen featured on Sea Rescue™.

Recently on Sea Rescue, we saw the story of JJ, a stranded baby grey whale. Go behind the scenes, and learn more here, from the SeaWorld podcast.

Found injured at a Marine corps base, our teams work to rehabilitate Gunny, an endangered olive ridley.


"Jaws" rescued, rehabilitated, and returned to the open water!


SeaWorld® is happy to partner with Litton Entertainment to bring real stories like these to life!

Get Involved

If you share our passion for the natural world, join us and our 100+ partner organizations to get involved at home.  From beach cleanups, to inspiring and exciting the next generation, to building backyard habitats, anyone can make a difference!  For more ideas and to get started, visit Learn more about our education programs at

The SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a registered non-profit conservation foundation, has granted more than $9 million to wildlife research and conservation projects that protect wildlife and wild places. The Fund commits 100% of donations to on-the-ground wildlife conservation efforts.

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Experience It

Our parks offer many opportunities to go behind the scenes at SeaWorld® to interact with animals, talk with experts, and more. For our younger guests, fun and educational experiences abound through our adventure camps, sleepovers, and field trip experiences!

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