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Member Ride Night

On Saturday, July 26, take a ride on Apollo’s Chariot to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this favorite hyper-coaster. Stay late for a Members-only Ride Night in Fest Italia from 10 p.m. – Midnight.
• Rides: Apollo’s Chariot®, Roman Rapids, Trade Wind, Da Vinci’s Cradle, Battering Ram, Flying Machine
• KIDsiderate: Elephant Run, Little Balloons, Little Gliders, Turkish Delight

Member Ride Night
On Friday, Aug 22, stay late and play at another Members-only Ride Night in Oktoberfest from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Member Appreciation Weekend
On Sept 6 & 7, join us for a weekend of special surprises celebrating our Members. Be the first to hear exciting park news and take advantage of exclusive shopping and dining opportunities.

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