Animal Interaction

What would a waterpark by SeaWorld® be without some amazing animals who call this place home?

Stingray Encounter
Wade into a truly unforgettable experience as you meet graceful stingrays in a rare up-close-and-personal encounter. Aquatica™ San Antonio features a safe and family-friendly opportunity to get in the water and come face-to-fin with Cownose and Southern stingrays in an exotic setting where you will have the chance to touch, feed and marvel at these amazing animals!

Ray Feeding
All guests who enter Aquatica™ San Antonio will have the opportunity to see and feed several species of stingrays from the pool's ledge at Ke-Re Reef. Reservations are not necessary for this experience.

Animal Encounters
So what about all those whimsical characters you see popping up all over the park and on our site-ever wonder what animals inspired them? Just keep an eye out and you'll see, as these real life animal ambassadors and their trainers make their way through the park to welcome our guests.

Look for the leggy spoonbill-as soon as you spot him, you won't need to be a rocket scientist to see where he gets his name. Listen for the happy-go-lucky call of the kookaburra-a bird known throughout the South Seas for a song that sounds like laughter. Meet macaws and other exotic animal hosts.