Instructional Field Experiences PreK - Grade 6

Bring your school group to SeaWorld® for our special groups-only hours. Visit with our dolphins, sharks, seals and sea lions. You’ll also attend special animal presentations designed specifically for education groups. Bring your own lunch and your group can enjoy a picnic right here in the park.

Instructional Field Experiences are aligned with National Science Standards and TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills):  K.2 A; K.5 A; K.9 A, B, C; 1.2 A; 1.9 A, B; 2.2 A; 2.6 D; 2.8 A, B; 3.8 A, B; 3.9 A, B; 4.5 A; 4.8 A, B; 5.9 A, B; 5.10 A, B; 6.10

Program Time:  9:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Download these guides:

Group Leader Guide

Chaperone Guide

Exhibit Guide (Pre-K)

Exhibit Guide (K-8)

Pre-K - 6th Grade

  • October 23

Homeschool Days

  • October 16

During your half-day program visit, you'll visit Dolphin Cove®, Sharks & Coral Reef, and Rocky Point Preserve®. You will also receive an educational animal presentation at two stadiums designed specifically for education groups.

$8 per Student

For every 3 students, one adult is allowed the $8 student rate

Adults over the 3:1 radio pay $25