France & New France

La Belle Maison
As the French say, La Belle Maison has a certain je ne sais quoi!  Enjoy the shop’s decadent french wine bar, and explore the creative gifts of this Parisian boutique such as jewelry, clothing and more.  

Photos of Christmas Past
Gather the family for a blast-to-the-past Christmas photo.  Dress in fashions of yesteryear and create memories to last a lifetime.  

The Caribou Pottery
If you're feeling crafty this season, head over to The Caribou Pottery.  You can decorate your own bowls, plates and mugs in a wide variety of colors.  For a retro Christmas tabletop display, enjoy hand-dipping candles that will make your holiday décor unique.

Create your own penguin cup with customizable accessories and more.  Proceeds support the SeaWorld® and Busch Gardens® Conservation Fund.