Frightening Features

Dining & Spirits - New for 2013

New for 2013 … Howl-O-Scream® offers a killer selection of food and drinks thanks to five, all-new, highly-themed dining experiences and spirit bars. 

Check into the Vampire Point Hotel for a deliciously frightful "All Hallow’s Eve" banquet where you are joined by the hotel proprietor Count Vlad and his cast of characters, including a family of vampires vacationing at Vampire Point. With an eclectic menu, haunting music and an atmosphere to die for, Blood Banquet™ is otherworldly. Gobble up some grub at the Buccaneer Galley where the host and his cutthroat crew serve up a captain’s feast buffet-style. Or pull up a chair at your very own operating table and eat to your heart’s content as The Chief Surgeon and Nurse Ratchet perform the wackiest and most harrowing brain transplant ever at Fright Feast™. Plus, when you purchase the Fright Feast dining experience online, get a one-time priority access pass to “13: Your Number’s Up.”

Guests can vanquish their thirst as well with liquid libations from Howl-O-Scream’s four spirit bars. At the new haunting hot spot Demon Drinks everything is sizzling. The Demon Drinks’ DJ and his too-hot-to- handle hosts are happy to serve guests as they fan the flames of fun. Dead men tell tall tales at Pirate Baarrrgh™, another new spirit bar where you can grab a swill o’ the grog stolen from Davy Jones’ locker and mingle with the likes of Peg Leg Pete, Billy Bones and Blackbeard. No appointments are necessary at Inoculation Station. Head over for the shot of a lifetime with your favorite fiends in pink. Get your prescription filled – a test tube shot and photo op are always in stock. The dead are alive and so is the fun at OPEN CASKet™ bar. Hang around, watch your neck and toss back a specialty brew served by the coolest vampires this side of the Rhine River.