Frightening Features

New Howl-O-Scream Features

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Howl-O-Scream® is bigger and better than ever. 

Starting with the introduction of four massively themed Terror-tories, England, France, Germany and Italy will be transformed into an over-the-top thematic experience that transports guests to another time and place full of startles and frights.

Ripper Row® in England 
Vampire Point™ in Germany 
Demon Street™ in France 
Ports of Skull™ in Italy

Howl-O-Scream also offers a killer selection of food and drinks thanks to five, all-new, highly themed dining experiences and spirit bars

• Blood Banquet™ in Germany
• Buccaneer Galley in Festa Italia
• Fright Feast™ in Ireland
• Demon Drinks in France
• Pirate Baarrrgh™ in Italy

And the 15th edition of Howl-O-Scream includes an all-new haunted house, Cut Throat Cove. It’s a haven for bloodthirsty, dangerous rouges where the scurvy dogs, buccaneers and scoundrels go for shelter. Proceed with caution to this new attraction in Festa Italia.