Catalina Grill
The food at this hip joint is so totally all-American, your stomach may stand up and salute. Tasty treats include juicy burgers, gooey pizza, and more.

Chow Market
Now you can snack with speed. Located next to Cow-A-Bunga, our grab-and-go Chow Market features cold ICEE® and Coke® products, plus fresh fruit, popcorn and yummy churros.

Cosmic Cafe
The food is so fast at this place, you can catch it between waves. Dee-lish selections include juicy chicken tenders, steamin’ fresh hot dogs and awesome French fries.

Daddy O's Eats
Get your groove on and your stomach filled at this haven of munch-time favorites. Pick up a pizza or indulge in deluxe nachos, freshly made funnel cakes, and more.

Hot Spot Cafe
Cool cats love the mouth-watering menu at this little café. Open wide for sizzling fajita sandwiches, salads and club sandwiches, and much more—you’re sure to leave satisfied and ready for more splash-o-rific fun.

Surfside Market
Cool and fresh is the rule at our market-style eatery. Take your appetite on a tour of delectable offerings that include freshly made deli wraps, chilled fruit, bottled drinks and much more.

Launch Pad Pub and Subs
Looking for fresh submarine sandwiches and wraps that are out of this world? Head over to this restaurant near Aquazoid, where you can enjoy air-conditioned indoor seating—plus delicious fruits, salads and draught beer.

Way Out Candy
Indulge your sweet tooth at our one-and-only candy shop. Way Out Candy features fudge, homemade caramel apples, delicious chocolates, gummy candies and suckers in all your favorite flavors.