Making of the Sea of Trees

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Sea of Trees

Take a walk through our wintery, watery wonderland and immerse yourself in a sea of holiday trees. Our glistening forest with over 100 trees sparkles to music and lights up the water... and, your eyes. As the lights literally dance to holiday classics, your heart will soar with wonder and delight at this truly awe-inspiring Christmas treat.

Curious how our Sea of Trees is built? Watch our three-part series on the Making of the Sea of Trees in the player above. 

NOTE: Videos may take a minute to load before they begin playing.

Our Sea of Trees features 25 more trees this year, and are comprised of more than 200 thousand individually choreographed LED lights weighing more than five tons.

It takes more than nine miles of fiber optic cable to connect them all with trees ranging in height from eight feet to 25 feet.

Guests can view the Sea of Trees each evening of SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration. View a complete listing of park hours and show schedules.

If you don't have Flash installed on your device, please visit SeaWorld's YouTube Channel for the complete series, as well as other exciting videos from SeaWorld.