SnowWorld® Presented by Coca-Cola®

This year, SnowWorld® Presented by Coca-Cola® brings real snow back to Florida during Christmas Town at Busch Gardens® Tampa! This guest favorite has tripled in size to 15,000 square feet. Plus, with thrilling new snow slides and expanded snow play and target practice areas, there’s even more snow-filled fun for the entire family!

Indulge in delicious seasonal treats like hot chocolate, waffles with ice cream and warm-baked cookies or shop for the perfect Christmas gift in the holiday cabins just outside SnowWorld

Expanded Snow Play and Target Practice

There’s plenty of soft white snow falling daily during Christmas Town. Lay, roll, leap and dive in to an expanded Snow Play area at SnowWorld. Take part in Christmastime traditions like building a snowman with friends, or spread your wings as you form snow angels in the fresh snow. And with an expanded target practice area, you can pack the perfect snow balls and test your aim.

NEW Snow Slides

Looking to take your holiday excitement to new heights? This is your chance. This year, SnowWorld Presented by Coca-Cola® treats you to eight snow slides, each as “cool” as the next. As you work your way to the top of the slide, you’ll quickly notice it’s bigger and better than ever! At the top, climb aboard and glide to the bed of snow waiting below. 



Tips for enjoying SnowWorld