From the depths of a basement to the eerie bogs of the Bayou, Howl-O-Scream 2014’s new haunted houses are designed to prey on every element of your deepest fears. If that’s not enough to get your blood pumping, some of the most demented houses ever are back by popular demand with some horrifying new twists.


Dead Fall

The ghosts of long lost memories reach into the present, and will NOT be forgotten!

Zombie Containment Unit

It’s up to you to hold off an undead mob in this interactive zombie hunting experience.

Death Water Bayou

Get out of the shadows of the Bayou before you fall victim to the Voodoo Queen’s spell.


Can you escape the BASEMENT depths before becoming the secret ingredient?

Blood Asylum

An asylum for the criminally insane has become a bloody playground for an escaped serial killer.

Circus of Superstition: The Show Must Go On

You'll need more than luck to escape this whole new dimension of fear.

Zombie Mortuary

The undead live on in this mortuary in search of fresh flesh to satisfy their insatiable hunger.

The Experiment

Try to survive as researchers challenge your fear tolerance and mental endurance in this interactive Experiment.