Some of our rides are closed for the season.  Here's a complete list of all rides that are open during Christmas Town.

Please note during Christmas Town, Verbolten and Nacht Tower will be closed on evenings with temperatures below 36°F.  Check Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.  

Battering Ram

Gather your family and friends for an exhilarating ride on the Battering Ram.

DaVinci's Cradle

Come aboard DaVinci’s Cradle for a holiday-inspired ride through DaVinci’s Garden of Inventions.

Der Autobahn

This ride provides the whole family with bumper car fun.

Der Autobahn Jr.

Busch Gardens’ youngest guests will enjoy this bumper car fun.

Der Wirbelwind

Bundle up for this Busch Gardens classic, Der Wirbelwind, swings guests to harrowing heights.

Flying Machine

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas Town, while twisting and turning in DaVinci’s Garden of Inventions.

Kinder Karussel

No trip to the North Pole is complete without a ride on the Kinder Karussel.

Le Catapult

Hang on and watch the bright lights of Christmas Town swirl around as you swing, rock and ricochet from corner to corner.

Li'l Clydes

This KIDsiderate attraction, situated in the quaint Scottish countryside, is the perfect size for Busch Gardens’ youngest guests.

Little Balloons

Celebrate the holidays at Christmas Town and soar high over Italy in this KIDsiderate favorite.

Little Gliders

This KIDsiderate favorite takes the park’s youngest guests on a soaring ride through the holiday night sky.

Nacht Tower

Get a Santa-eye view of the 6 million twinkling lights at Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town from the park’s thrill ride, Mäch Tower.

Peppermint Twist

Add your own personal Turkish tea party to your family vacation.

Reindeer Run

Rock your little ones' day with this sized-down bobsled ride that isn't sized down on fun.

Roto Baron

Busch Gardens’ youngest guests can soar through the holiday fun on Roto Baron, an airplane ride made just for them.

Snowman Summit

A park classic, guests board this music express bound for adventure.


Bundle up with the family to enjoy a 20-minute trip through more than 200 acres of lush landscaping with stops in Scotland, New France and Holiday Hills.


Get ready to climb aboard Verbolten, a multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster.


Busch Gardens’ youngest guests can swing through the holiday fun on Wirbelwindchen, a swing ride made just for them.