England & Scotland

M. Sweets Confectionary Factory
Nothing says “Christmas” like a sweet shop.  England’s favorite destination for children of all ages features the candy you loved as a child, and today’s holiday confections.  Snack as you walk through the streets of England, or take a box home to extend the warmth of your Christmas Town experience.

Squire’s Grille
England’s Squire’s Grille is nestled like a special treasure in the town square.  Decorated for the holidays and brimming with good cheer, family and friends can feast on a steaming bowl of Brunswick stew served in a bread bowl and finish with a delectable dessert.  Take a break from winter’s chill for a quick snack in regal holiday surroundings. 

The British Baker
Awaken your senses with a warm funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, prepared right before your eyes at The British Baker.  Savor your sweet treat’s aroma and the holiday moment in England’s picturesque Banbury Cross.