Empire of the Penguin - Adélies

The classic penguin—medium-sized with "tuxedo" appearance. The Adélie has a black head and will develop white eye rings during the breeding season. Adélie penguins are one of three species of "brush-tail" penguins along with the chinstrap and gentoo penguins.

Size: 46–61 cm (18–24 in.), 3.5–4.5 kg (8–10 lb.)
Distribution: circumpolar on Antarctic continent within limits of pack ice

As good as gold
What’s valuable to you? For Adélie penguins, rocks are like gold. They build their nests with stones and are known to steal rocks and pebbles from the nests of neighboring penguins.

Something fishy
A colony of 5 million Adélies may eat nearly 8 million kg (17.6 million lb.) of krill and small fishes daily.

Adélie daycare
When it’s time to go to work, some people rely on daycare centers to watch their children. The same is true with Adélie penguins! Several penguin species like the Adélie gather their chicks in groups when it’s time to go off to feed. This group is called a crèche. (Crèche is a French word for crib.) Crèches also provide protection from predators and weather.