Wild Days Show

In keeping with the SeaWorld® core values of Celebrate, Connect, and Care, Wild Days is an immersive event that will connect your family to the wild, wonderful world around you. Presenting a slate of exciting and interactive shows over three weekends, you will have the opportunity to meet the leaders in the world of animal rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation as well as experience animals up close.

Enjoy Wild Days weekends January 11 through January 26, 2014. See the Show Schedule for specific show times.

January 11-12:  Jack Hanna Weekend

Join "Jungle Jack" for a wild weekend of furry and feathered fun. Recognized around the world for his boundless enthusiasm for animals and conservation, Jack Hanna helps us share in his wondrous connection to wildlife and the world we share.

January 18-19: Sea Rescue Weekend

Meet the leaders in the world of animal rescue and rehabilitation as they share incredible stories that have been featured on the national show, Sea Rescue.  SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to help ill or injured animals, and for nearly 40 years the team has rescued more than 22,000 animals.  Featured animal rescue stories will include: turtles, flamingos, manatees, pilot whales and dolphins. 

January 25-26: Penguin Lovers' Weekend with Julie Scardina

Penguin Lovers of the world unite! Don't miss this refreshingly fun and educational weekend centered all around penguins. Join SeaWorld Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina as she shares her lifelong love of animals and the parks’ commitment to wildlife conservation and as well as tell stories of her trips around the globe from continent to continent.