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Trouble in Paradise

An Olive Ridley sea turtle strands in Monterey Bay, Ca and a rock band becomes part of the extraordinary effort to return this wayward reptile to warmer waters. Then a ship hits a bridge in the San Francisco Bay, spilling thousands of gallons of oil that threatens miles of environmentally sensitive coastline. 


Season 3

Episode 1: Body in the Water

Cops in Florida respond to a report of a dead body in the water and are surprised to discover it’s a turtle and he needs help. Then a baby dolphin is tangled in fishing gear in Texas and his mother won’t leave his side.

Episode 2: Big Fish, Small Pond

A Great White shark becomes trapped in a lagoon off Cape Cod, Ma and it’s a race against time to save her. Then, a manatee is hit by a boat and a SeaWorld team responds but first they must find her.

Episode 3: Trapped and Helpless

Three manatees are trapped in a pond used to control mosquitos in Florida and rescue teams must brave snakes and alligators to save them. Then a sea turtle is found tangled up in a crab pot line off the Coast of South Carolina and is in urgent need of help.

Episode 4: Hook, Line and Sinker.

A young dolphin is tangled up in fishing gear near San Diego Ca and a SeaWorld team races to rescue it. Then a sea lion has fishing line wrapped tightly around his neck in Monterey Bay, Ca and a specialized rescue team is brought in to help. 

Episode 5: Heroic Journeys

An abandoned baby manatee is discovered at Blue Spring State Park, Fl., and it takes a monumental team effort to rescue and rehabilitate this precious orphan. Then two gulls are tied together with fishing line and it’s going to take a heroic crawl across a treacherous mud flat to save them.

Episode 6: Perilous Predicaments

Kids at summer camp call for help after a loggerhead turtle is struck by a boat and needs help fast. Then a sea lion has a potentially deadly loop of plastic wrapped around his neck and rescuers go to extraordinary lengths so save this big guy.

Episode 7:Trouble in Paradise

An Olive Ridley sea turtle strands in Monterey Bay, Ca and a rock band becomes part of the extraordinary effort to return this wayward reptile to warmer waters. Then a ship hits a bridge in the San Francisco Bay, spilling thousands of gallons of oil that threatens miles of environmentally sensitive coastline. 

Episode 8: Tangled Up in the Blue

A humpback whale is tangled up in fishing gear off the coast of Maui and it’s up to a specialized rescue team to perform a daring operation to save him. Then, a manatee is hit by a boat propeller, leaving behind scars that resemble the laces of a football. 

Season 2

Episode 26: By the Skin of their Teeth

Two vulnerable baby walruses are rescued in Barrow, Alaska, and it's just the beginning of an extraordinary journey from jeopardy to safety. And then, a dolphin becomes stranded far inland where the freshwater could kill him, but rescuers discover there's nothing simple about saving him.

Episode 25: The Young and the Helpless

A young, helpless dolphin washes up near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and saving him will take some creative thinking... even the generous offer of a private jet! And then, an abandoned baby manatee swims among the boats in a marina, making it difficult for rescuers to reach him

Episode 24: Landlocked and Lost

Little Joe, the tiniest manatee ever rescued by SeaWorld, makes a habit of getting lost, but fortunately rescuers are there for him and while recuperating, he receives a visit from none other than the President of the United States. Then, when a massive hurricane hits Louisiana, a hapless dolphin is carried two miles inland by a storm surge, leaving rescuers needing to use every ounce of ingenuity to save him.

Episode 23: Superheroes of the Superstorm

When Superstorm Sandy batters the East Coast of the U.S., birds are blown thousands of miles off course, and animal shelters are so overwhelmed that rescuers go to extraordinary lengths to save the animals in the eye of the storm.

Episode 22: Someone to Watch Over Them

An adult male sea lion brought into SeaWorld, San Diego, has appalling injuries to one side of his head after being injured by a shotgun. Then a young dolphin is found battered and bruised in shallow water on a beach in Texas. Possibly attacked by wild dolphins, this young guy will need all the love and support rescuers can give him if he is to survive!

Episode 21: Not a Second to Lose

A mystery illness spreads through thousands of pelicans when they stop off at a California lake on their migration route. Then a gigantic sea turtle strands on Cape Cod, and it’s a race against time to return this rarely seen leatherback to the ocean!

Episode 20: The Lost Pilots

When a pod of pilot whales strands on Florida’s Atlantic coast, rescuers race to save as many of them as they can. Then they organize an epic nighttime mission to transport the survivors a hundred miles to SeaWorld, Orlando, where they receive long term care!

Episode 19: A Ray of Hope

A loggerhead turtle turns up in a canal at a nuclear power station, and he needs life-saving surgery to remove a large fishhook. Then Apollo the dolphin suffers a terrible sunburn near New Orleans, and it takes months of TLC to make him better!

Episode 18: Take Two

Two tiny turtle hatchlings wash ashore on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. SeaWorld rescuers go above and beyond to save these endangered hawksbill turtles. Then disentanglement experts must respond not just once, but twice to save the life of Twister the humpback whale who makes a habit of getting stuck in fishing gear.

Episode 17: Winter's Tale

A pioneering medical team develops an artificial tail to help a young dolphin that loses her tail fluke to a fishing gear entanglement. Winter the dolphin becomes an inspiration for a young girl with a disability of her own and the star of a Hollywood movie.

Episode 16: Missions of Mercy

The rescue of a green sea turtle stranded on an Oregon Beach turns into an epic mission involving the public, SeaWorld, and the U.S. Navy.Then a pod of rarely seen spotted dolphins strands on a beach in Florida; and it takes teamwork and perseverance to rescue, rehabilitate, and return them to the Atlantic.

Episode 15: Best of Times, Worst of Times

A rescued manatee loses a flipper to fishing equipment and is later discovered to be pregnant! Then a leaking oil tanker, the Prestige, breaks up in a storm, creating a devastating oil spill. An international rescue effort is launched to save wildlife in some environmentally sensitive coastal areas of Spain and Portugal!

Episode 14: Inspiring Journeys

A manatee wanders off course and into the brutal Massachusetts winter freeze! A massive effort to transport him back to Orlando inspires an 8th grader to make a difference. Then, a dolphin is rescued after a vicious shark attack and becomes an inspiration to wounded soldiers returning from war!

Episode 13:  Red Alert

A jaguar rampages through a colony of flamingos during a sensitive hatching and breeding season. SeaWorld experts race to save hundreds of abandoned flamingo hatchlings that are notoriously difficult to hand rear.

Episode 12: Poisons and Porpoises

A deadly disease hits sea lions off the California coast. SeaWorld rescuers fight to save lives while researchers try to solve the mystery behind the poison that causes it! Then tiny rare harbor porpoises wash ashore sick and dying. Tune into this exciting episode to find out how they're saved!

Episode 11: Deep Down

A very rare Cuvier's Beaked Whale strands and SeaWorld rescuers must figure out how to treat, feed and return it to the sea. Then a sea lion swallows a large hook. Rescuers perform a daring move to catch him and a life-saving operation to remove the hook.

Episode 10: Great Escapes

When a bear destroys a beaver lodge, the only survivor is a baby that our rescuers name Peanut. A SeaWorld expert becomes little Peanut’s surrogate mom and helps her adapt to a new life. Then two injured sea lions make headlines in San Francisco. One needs help escaping from Alcatraz Island, while the other dodges rescue attempts for weeks!

Episode 9: When it Rains, it Pours

Sick and starving marine animals flood SeaWorld San Diego during one of the worst El Nino weather patterns in 50 years. Then, rescuers have to solve the mystery behind a deadly illness as it spreads through the California sea lion population

Episode 8: Seeing is Believing

Iris, a stranded harbor seal pup, is found to have cataracts in both eyes and undergoes groundbreaking surgery to restore her sight. Rescuers must also race against time and a rising tide to free a humpback whale whose tail is anchored to the seabed!

Episode 7: Weaned and Cleaned

An orphaned baby sea otter grows into her new role as a surrogate mother to other rescued and orphaned sea otters. And an international effort gets underway to save little blue penguins from the most devastating oil spill in New Zealand's history.

Episode 6: Lost, but not Forgotten

A flock of pelicans fly way off course and find themselves in the blazing desert and in big trouble! Then, a humpback whale faces certain doom if a fishing net covering its head isn’t removed in time!

Episode 5: Hanging by a Thread

This weekend rescuers and researchers attempt to identify and rehabilitate a rare seal found injured on a beach in California! Preview of Hanging by a Thread!

Episode 4: Of Pipes and Penguins

It takes a little rocket to free Kilroy the manatee after he gets stuck in a drainpipe next to the Kennedy Space Center. And penguins traveling too far north into warm waters end up on tourist beaches in Brazil. It’s time for a penguin rescue!

Episode 3: True Bromance

Researchers and rescuers recount the epic story of C6 the dolphin.  He was attacked by four bull sharks and nearly died.  During his rehabilitation, researchers learn about the brotherly bond he shared with another dolphin, C7.

Episode 2: Stuck in the Muck

This weekend A rare Bryde’s whale is rescued from a beach, but its size and poor health become major challenges for rescuers. Then hundreds of dolphins are stranded in thick mud, and rescuers must rush to save them!

Episode 1: Dangerous Passages

Valentine, a badly injured sea lion, washes up on a popular beach and needs expert attention.  Then, two humpbacks take a wrong turn and wind up in a freshwater shipping lane in California!  Watch our teams help steer them all back into friendly waters, on this exciting second season premiere of Sea Rescue!  

Season 1

Episode 13: Tight Squeeze

We've seen manatees rescued earlier this year... but this one is not only in a tight place, but in dirty, dark, pest-infested waters too -- and most definitely in need of a Sea Rescue!  

Episode 12: Dolphins in Danger!

Rescuers must save a group of dolphins, each with huge complications:
- A calf is being strangled by fishing line
- Another is trapped in freshwater -- 100 miles from the ocean!
- A third is critically ill - its only chance is a radical medical treatment typically only used on humans

Join us for this exciting episode filled with these wonderful creatures!

Episode 11: Turtle Travels

This week, watch as a small endangered sea turtle winds up 5,000 miles from home; then two other sea turtles catch a wild ride on a swift current. They're out of familiar waters and need a Sea Rescue to survive!

Episode 10: Strayed from the Sea

This week, watch as a young gray whale wanders into a shallow harbor entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line. Our teams must carefully free him while working from a boat just inches away! Then, a dolphin becomes trapped in a freshwater area. Can our rescuers get it back to saltwater before time runs out?

Episode 9: Penguins in Peril!

An oil spill threatens to destroy a large percentage of the world's African Penguin population. Watch as thousands of volunteers join our teams in the largest penguin rescue effort ever!

Episode 8: Cold Cases

Florida is home to a great population of turtles and manatees, but they're not built for extreme cold. In a recent cold snap, our rescuers were called on to aid hundreds of turtles as well as a group of manatees who tried to be a little too clever during the winter months.

Episode 7: Special Delivery!


A pilot whale lives their life in a pod, or community of 10-30 whales... it is rare to ever see one alone unless something is wrong. Join us this week as our rescuers are called into action to save a critically ill patient. As the rescue progresses, rescuers are thrown a curve which further threatens this gentle giant's survival.

Episode 6: Foster Families

This week is all about baby manatees - they're very cute, but they're in a a very dangerous situation! Our teams find orphaned baby manatees, and race to get them the aid, nutrition, and care they need to survive. 

Episode 5: The ones that (almost) got away

A sea lion has been senselessly wounded by someone with a gaff hook. He's hurt and scared, so he resists our team's efforts to treat the wounds. Watch their struggle to treat him before the injury gets worse. 

Then an endangered sea turtle is brought in for cold stress treatment, but our rescuers are surprised at what else they find!

Episode 4: Drained Manatees & Negotiating with a Sea Lion!

From their sheer size, manatees are hard enough to maneuver in open water - find one in a storm drain, and it becomes one of the most complex and time-sensitive rescues yet.

Then, we all love the playful nature of Sea Lions...but this one needs to negotiate with the law to be rescued! Watch it unfold on this episode of Sea Rescue.  Then watch the release on our blogs.

Episode 3: Grey Whale Tale

This week, the SeaWorld team rescues J.J, a stranded newborn baby grey whale near Los Angeles. Join the team through her story: from her beaching, to the daring rescue, to her remarkable rehabilitation. Her successful return to the ocean is a heartwarming tale - don't miss it!

Episode 2: Dangerous Entanglements

Rescuers must wade through alligator infested waters to save a stranded manatee, and another injured from ordinary fishing line. Be sure to join our teams as they perform another Sea Rescue!

Episode 1: Stranded

Tune in to the series premier on April 7th, as SeaWorld teams save a baby dolphin trapped in fishing line. Then a pod of pilot whales is found stranded on Florida beaches - our teams race into action to rescue the survivors!

About the Host

Sam Champion is the host for "Sea Rescue™."  In addition, Champion is the Weather Editor of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” reporting on the nation’s weather throughout the morning broadcast. He also serves as Weather Editor for ABC News.

Sam regularly brings tips and information on how to be environmentally aware with his “Just One Thing” reports, while also playing a key role in Earth Day reporting efforts.

Sea Rescue Host Sam Champion

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