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Animal Care

SeaWorld's Animal Care Program

A Passion for Wildlife 
Since opening in 1959, SeaWorld has established a world-wide reputation for providing unique, up-close animal encounters designed to bring more than 20 million guests each year closer to the 60,000+ animals we care for.
Our passion for wildlife has spurred us to become a global leader in innovative veterinary care, animal rescue and rehabilitation, educational programs and investments in critical conservation initiatives in our communities and around the world.

Leaders in Animal Care 
SeaWorld employs an extensive team of highly experienced veterinarians, trainers, and animal care specialists to ensure the health, enrichment, and safety of this amazingly diverse group of animals.

Animal ER 
Our animal care experts are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. To date, we’ve rescued more than 18,000 stranded, sick, orphaned or injured animals during the past 40+ years. In fact, ours is one of the largest animal rescue programs on the planet.

A Closer Look

Looking for a wild career? Visit , & and to learn more about zoological careers, our conservation efforts, and animals around the world.