Empire of the Penguin - Rockhoppers

The smallest of the crested penguins, rockhoppers have a thin yellow crest that extends behind their red eyes. They also have black spiked feathers above their crest.

Northern Rockhopper
Size: 41–46 cm (16–18 in.), 2.5 kg (5–6 lb.)
Distribution: Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island in the south Atlantic Ocean

Southern Rockhopper
Size: 41–46 cm (16–18 in.), 2.5 kg (5–6 lb.).
Distribution: subantarctic islands

Jump or be lunch
Rockhoppers launch themselves like rockets to avoid predators—sometimes they leap nearly three times their height out of the ocean and onto shore when being chased by a hungry predator!

Name game, part I
Rockhopper penguins get their common name because they’re often seen, well, hopping from rock to rock while on land.

Name game, part II
Rockhoppers are a type of crested penguin. The crested penguins are distinguished by orange or yellow feather crests on the sides of the head, above the eyes.