Visit Busch Gardens’ pride of lions, Africa’s largest carnivores, in Edge of Africa®.

Lions are the largest African carnivores. Lions live in social groups known as prides. As specialized communal predators, a pride's role includes keeping herbivore populations in balance with the resources available in their area of the plains.

See Busch Gardens® Tampa's pride of lions in Edge of Africa®.

A Closer Look

Visit Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay's African lions in the Edge of Africa®. Check the keeper talk times on the back of your park map to see special behaviors, feedings and get insider information on the other animals that call Edge of Africa home.

Ask an Educator

Q: How loud is a lion’s roar?

BG: An adult lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away.

Q: When are lions most active in the wild?

BG: Lions are inactive for up to 21 hours a day. Female lions, or lionesses, often hunt as a group during the darkest, coolest hours of early morning.

Q: Do lions give birth to litters or individual babies?

BG: Lions usually have litters of 2-4 cubs.