Community Relations

SeaWorld Orlando provides park tickets to assist non-profit charitable organizations and schools in fundraising efforts.  We target causes that specifically benefit environmental protection and conservation programs; youth and families; and education. 

SeaWorld does not provide charitable donations to:

  • Sports associations or social groups
  • Third party requests
  • Labor or political organizations
  • Individuals
  • Employee/volunteer/student recognition
  • Organizations that support activities or practices that do not align with SeaWorld’s policies
  • Groups engaged in highly controversial issues

If your organization is located outside the state of Florida, please include copies of airfare and hotel vouchers, as donations to out-of-state requests will only be made when SeaWorld will be included in a Florida travel package.

If the above criteria are met, please submit your request via email to at least 60 days prior to the event.  Please copy and paste the questions below and include the following information:

Organization information:

Full, legal name of organization (no abbreviations):

Physical address: (Please include city, state and zip code.  NO P.O. boxes will be accepted.)

Phone number:

Website of organization:

Tax identification number:

Mission statement of organization:

Event information:

Name of event: 

Date of event: 

What will the funds raised be used for? 

Requestor’s information:

Name and title of contact person: 

Phone number: 

E-mail address:

Any additional Information:

Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee the request will be approved.  If your request is selected to be fulfilled, you will receive a donation by mail 15-45 days prior to your event date.  SeaWorld receives many more requests than we can support.  Denial of a request does not imply that the organization’s mission are not important or valid.  Due to the large volume of requests received, SeaWorld does not respond to phone requests or follow-up calls/emails.

Thank you and best of luck with your fundraising endeavors!