Dolphin Cove®

About the Exhibit

Thank you for your interest in visiting Dolphin Cove. This exhibit is currently closed for construction to bring you Discovery Point in 2016. Please explore our many other available animal exhibits and attractions.

Animal Facts

  • A dolphin’s call is its whistle, which actually acts as its personal calling card. In fact, their signature whistle is so distinct that scientists can identify individual dolphins by looking at their whistle shapes on a sonogram.
  • Dolphins are in a number of temperate and tropical oceans worldwide, either close to shore in bays, harbors and lagoons or farther out at sea in cooler, deeper waters.
  • They have a pretty hearty diet that includes a wide variety of fishes, squids and crustaceans like shrimps.
  • Dolphins average around 6.5 to a little over 12.5 feet.