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Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides

Our roller coasters are legendary!

We have 5 top rated coasters to get your adrenaline pumping including our newest triple launch coaster Cheetah Hunt, our ferocious, floorless dive coaster SheiKra, the seven intense inversions on Montu, the full 3 seconds of absolute weightlessness during the dive loop of Kumba and the classic twists and hills of our wooden coaster Gwazi.

"This theme park has the largest and most thrilling collection of roller coasters in Florida." - UltimateRollerCoaster.com

Maximize your Florida family vacation with the roller coasters and thrilling rides of Busch Gardens®  Tampa. You’ll find state-of-the-art coasters to satisfy even the most intense thrill-seeker in your group as well as plenty of family fun for anyone looking to pump just a little less adrenaline.

Falcon's Fury

Take to the skies with Falcon’s Fury, Busch Gardens’ newest thrill ride that lets you soar and dive like a magnificent bird of prey.

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Cheetah Hunt

Launch into the ultimate excitement of Cheetah Hunt®, our newest roller coaster experience that coaster enthusiasts can't stop talking about...

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Plunge from the sky on SheiKra®, our ferocious, floorless dive coaster by the masters of motion at B&M. Climb 200 feet to the edge of a pure 90-degree drop that inches you mercilessly over the edge—and stops...

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The Wild Surge

Launch out of a 35-foot mountain crater up above a towering waterfall for a thrilling view of Jungala’s® village below.

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Jungle Flyers

Young adventurers choose from three different flight patterns to soar 50 feet above Jungala’s® village.

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Air Grover

A junior coaster full of fun turns, mini-dives, perfect for parents and kids to ride together.

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Families will love the curves, drops, and corkscrews of this five-story "wild-mouse" style coaster found in Pantopia.

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Take a wild ride on a fast, twister-style wooden coaster.

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Congo River Rapids

Encounter the swift-flowing white water of the Congo River Rapids®. Spin through a geyser and face an ominous waterfall and other thrilling obstacles in a 12-person raft.

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Roar into action on a roller coaster that coaster enthusiasts have consistently voted one of the world's best...

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Challenge yourself to seven intense inversions on Montu®, a B&M inverted roller coaster named for an Egyptian god of war. Climb to 140 feet and hold on for a twisting drop...

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Feel the "sting" of Scorpion's terrifying 60-ft drop and 360-degree loop at incredible speeds.

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Serengeti Railway

Board a train pulled by one our replica locomotives for an “olden days” experience on a panoramic journey along the edges of the African plain.

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Stanley Falls

Cool off in exciting log-flume style on splashy twists and turns...

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Tanganyika Tidal Wave

Cruise a gentle and beautiful stretch of African river country, but be prepared for what nature has in store...

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View the spectacular scenery as you fly through the air in an overhead cable car.

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Quick Queue

Skip the lines and get right to the thrills at our major and most popular attractions: Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra, Montu, Kumba, Stanley Falls Flume, Gwazi, Tanganyika Tidal Wave and Congo River Rapids.

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