Florida Residents can take advantage of EZpay, our complimentary monthly payment service that splits up your total into 12 easy payments. All the fun you can handle at an easy-to-handle price. EZpay offers low monthly payments with no down payment on 1 year annual passes. Credit card holder must be present to redeem EZpay vouchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZpay?

EZpay is a simple monthly payment program designed to increase the affordability of Pass memberships for individuals and families. It is available for Florida residents only. Proof of Florida residential address (non-PO box) is required.

How does it work?

Billing: There are no bills to keep track of, no checks to write. Your credit card is automatically billed every month for 12 months.

Early payment: If you want to pay off your entire EZpay account before the 12-month period is over, you can do that at the park or by calling 1-888-800-5447.

Cancellation: You may only cancel your EZpay account after your 12-month commitment period has ended.

Do I need to renew my EZpay account when my membership term ends?

We like to keep EZpay easy. After you have met your commitment, your Pass will automatically roll over to a month-to-month membership that can be cancelled at any time.

Are there any finance charges connected to EZpay?

No. EZpay is a courtesy service intended to make Pass memberships at every level affordable for everyone, so we do not charge interest or finance fees.

Will my monthly payment ever increase?

Not during your initial membership term. As a matter of fact, EZpay is a smart way to lock in at a current pricing. If your payment increases after that, you’ll be notified and offered the opportunity to cancel.

Can I make changes to my membership after signing up for EZpay?

Absolutely! Just visit the park, go to SeaWorldParks.com/MyEZpayOnline or call 1-888-800-5447. Here are some guidelines for changes:

  • Upgrades: You can switch to a higher value Pass at any time by adding additional parks. We’ll simply adjust your monthly payment and issue you a new card.
  • Downgrades: You can only remove parks or switch to a lower value Pass after your membership term has been completed. The same applies to removing members from your account.
  • Credit Card Changes: If you switch credit card companies or if your credit card is lost or stolen, you can change the credit card number of your account at any time.


For more information or to sign up for EZpay, call us at 1-888-800-5447, visit SeaWorldParks.com/MyEZpayOnline or ticket windows.

Purchase an Annual Pass

» Purchase an Annual Pass online with EZpay today!

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment reserves the right to cancel EZpay participation at any time. Member actions that result in cancellation of initial membership agreement will require payment in full of each Pass purchased. Prices subject to change. EZpay is available to Florida residents only. Proof of a Florida residential address (non-PO box) is required at time of ticket pick up (Valid Florida driver’s license or valid Florida state-issued ID card with a Florida address). Credit card holder must be present to redeem EZpay vouchers. Parking is not included on the first visit, unless the Annual Pass is purchased online prior to visit. Passes are nontransferable, nonrefundable and may be revoked for misuse. EZpay only applies to Passes that are valid for 1 year. Does not apply to 2-year memberships. After initial term of commitment, EZpay monthly payments subject to change. Please refer to EZpay contract for full terms.