School & Teacher Programs Overview

These programs are designed specifically by SeaWorld for teachers and students. Give your students a unique opportunity to learn about animal-related careers with hands-on experiences and opportunities to speak directly with experts. We also have programs designed for teachers that provide educational adventures to help expand your knowledge. 

To learn more about these wonderful programs, you can select an option using the navigation to the left. Or read more below about the programs we have available.

Instructional Field Experiences: Pre-K - Grade 6

Bring your school group to SeaWorld® to learn about our wonderful creatures during park operational days. You'll also attend special animal presentations designed specifically for education groups.

Animal Careers

Give students who are interested in animal-related careers a unique opportunity to speak directly with experts about what it takes to make those dreams come true. Learn about working with and caring for marine animals directly from SeaWorld® professionals who have the pleasure of doing it every day.

Edventure: Grade 3 - Adult

Put the varied world of marine ecology into focus for your group by discovering the unique traits of differing ocean environments. You'll get to learn about and visit amazing animals such as sea lions, harbor seals, bottlenose dolphins, sharks, penguins and more!

SeaWorld Up-Close: Grade 3 - Adult

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes at SeaWorld®? Visit our zoological support area and Beluga Stadium to learn about animal husbandry, care, conservation, and the basics of animal training.

Special Needs Programs: Grade 3 - Adult

Give students with mental and physical challenges an amazing interactive marine life experience developed to meet not just general needs, but the unique needs of each student. Experienced instructors will make sure each student receives the attention he or she requires for a truly enriching experience that includes feeding either dolphins or sea lions.

Teacher Camp

This experience is a terrific way to earn continuing education units while having the time of your life! Our animal experts will work alongside you and bring you face to face with marine mammals. You'll be amazed at the new experiences you'll bring back to the classroom.

Teacher Workshops

Delve into the fascinating world of killer whales as SeaWorld® takes you on an incredible educational adventure that will earn you 4 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) through the State Board of Education (SBEC). Discuss killer whale adaptations, natural history and behaviors. And then learn how the ocean's top predator can help you connect with students in a range of subjects, including math, writing, science, and social studies.

Camps for Groups

We take learning about animals and the environment to the next level. Our interactive, hands-on style of educating can't be replicated in any classroom. Your students will investigate and discover on their own - through visual, auditory and tactile learning. We offer 2 and 3 night options for groups.

Sleepovers for Groups

For school, club, birthday or scout groups. Engage in fun and exciting hands-on activities which promote higher level thinking skills as you make animal habitats your classroom. Sleep in front of the shark, coral reef, eel or penguin exhibits.