Counselor in Training

Did you enjoy being a camper? Come see what it's like to be a counselor. This two-week intensive course covers everything from welcoming your campers to group leadership to planning activities and a whole lot more.

  • Help campers gain a better knowledge of whales, dolphins, penguins, sharks and more
  • Learn how to be "kid-siderate"
  • Observe camps in session
  • Plan, present and evaluate activities
  • Learn everything from body language to dealing with homesickness
  • And, participate along with campers as they enjoy the amazing rides, shows and attractions of SeaWorld®

For campers in grades 11 to 12 and have already completed Advanced Career Camp.

Download the Resident Camp Camper/Parent Handbook.

Camps run 2:00 p.m. Sunday - 10:00 a.m. Friday

  • June 21 - July 3
  • July 5 - 17
  • July 19 - 31
  • August 2- 14

Day 1

- Dinner and Orientation


Day 2

- How to be a counselor 101

Day 3

- Expedition Camp curriculum training
- Shadow camp counselors


Day 4

- Animal Information training
- Shadow camp counselors

Day 5

- Learning SeaWorld® camp policies
- Shadow camp counselors

Day 6

- Assist in check out procedures
- Behavior management training

Day 7

- Practicing giving animal information talks
- Learn and practice camp activities

Day 8

- Welcome campers and help to get them settled

Day 9

– Fish Day
- Assist in leading expedition campers around the park
- Give an animal information talk to campers
- Lead an activity for campers


Day 10

- Pinniped
- Assist counselors in handing out fish to feed pinnipeds
- Monitor campers while feeding pinnipeds
- Aid in behavior management with campers


Day 11

- Bird Day
- Lead campers around the park
- Lead camp songs to campers
- Lead a camp activity

Day 12

- Whale Day
- Monitor campers at Dolphin Cove
- Give an animal information talk to campers
- Lead in camp activity


Day 13

- Departure

$1,400 for 12-night session

$1,260 for Pass Members

You must have completed Advanced Career Camp at SeaWorld San Antonio to attend this camp.

The $100 deposit is non-refundable. If the balance of camp fees is paid and cancellation is necessary, the following refund will apply if written or verbal notice of cancellation is received:

  • Less than FOUR weeks prior to camp session - 80% of the program fee
  • Less than THREE weeks prior to camp session - 50% of the program fee
  • Less than TWO weeks prior to camp session - No Refund Given
  • If a camper leaves a session early or is dismissed, a refund will not be given.