SeaWorld San Antonio Texas Theme Park & Attractions

Wild Days

About the Event

In keeping with SeaWorld’s® core values of Celebrate, Connect, and Care, Wild Days is an immersive event that will connect our guests to the wild, wonderful world around them. Presenting a slate of exciting and interactive shows over four weekends, Wild Days seeks to bring our SeaWorld guests an experience only found in our park. Our guests will have the opportunity to meet the leaders in the world of animal rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation as well as the occasion for up close animal experiences.

In addition to the shows, Wild Days incorporates a dynamic and energetic festival event at the entrance of the venue, providing guests with an array of themed activities. Collectively, these experiences will celebrate the wild, natural world while furthering our guest’s appreciation and care of preserving the delicate balance in which humans and animals all live.

Wild Days will be held Saturdays & Sundays from January 31 through March 1.