Blue Horizons

Dolphins fly, birds dive and spirits leap in Blue Horizons® — a visionary sea-and-sky spectacular from SeaWorld. Soaring birds, playful dolphins and thrilling aerialists fuse the vibrant energy of two fascinating worlds into a mesmerizing display of dance, flight, color and entertainment.

Show duration: ~23 minutes

 It takes almost 30 people and nearly 70 animals to produce each showing.

Inspired by the show and wanting to meet a bottlenose dolphin face to face? Touch, feed, and help train a dolphin in our poolside, trainer led Dolphin Encounter

Have you always dreamed of getting in the water with dolphins? Now is your chance! Get up close to these magnificent animals as a trainer leads you through the unforgettable Dolphin Interaction Program experience.

  • Accessible seating is limited. Guests are encouraged to arrive early.