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Busch Gardens®
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• New for 2013
• Thrill Rides
• World-Class Entertainment
• A Tour Through Europe
• General Information
• Howl-O-Scream®
• IllumiNights:  A Busch Gardens® Encore
• Christmas Town™: A Busch Gardens® Celebration
• Williamsburg Area Attractions and Accommodations


We invite broadcast media and print journalists to explore Busch Gardens®. We welcome your story ideas and offer a few of our own.

Busch Gardens’ new multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster will send guests on a fun and mystifying family adventure through the Black Forest. Situated in the park’s Oktoberfest village, a German tourist center serves as the ride entrance and as the launching point for an autobahn touring experience that will keep the whole family on the edge of their seats.

Sesame Street® Forest of Fun™ at Busch Gardens®
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street®? You can just follow the signs to Busch Gardens®. Elmo, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby and other Sesame Street characters have come to the world’s most beautiful theme park. The area features family-friendly rides, playgrounds and a 4-D Sesame Street movie. Kids can meet their favorite Sesame Street character and have a picture taken with them as well. Come be a kid again and explore this family-friendly attraction area.

Christmas Town™: A Busch Gardens® Celebration
“Christmas Town™:  A Busch Gardens® Celebration” creates the anticipation of the season and fills visitors’ senses with all things Christmas. Beginning Nov. 22, visitors will experience festive attractions, shows and shopping filled with the holiday spirit. From more than six million twinkling lights, the smell of fresh baked Christmas cookies and one-of-a-kind gift ideas to a spectacular 50-foot, light-animated Christmas tree, Christmas Town will have park-goers saying, “Now this is Christmas.” Christmas Town adds a unique holiday tradition to Virginia. 

Go Behind-The-Scenes At Busch Gardens® 
From the tracks of pulse-pounding roller coasters and high-tech ride command centers to the sculpted gardens and on-site bakery, Busch Gardens® offers media an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and discover what it takes to keep a 100 acre theme park in peak condition for millions of adventurous guests. Busch Gardens’ operations, culinary, landscape and animal experts can provide an in-depth experience.

Backyard Habitat 
Busch Gardens® worked with the National Wildlife Federation with the goal of teaching and inspiring homeowners to preserve some of the space in their backyards for Mother Nature. The landscapers at Busch Gardens built a habitat garden that provides the four basic needs for the survival of wildlife:  Food, water, shelter and a place to raise young. Signs throughout the garden share helpful tips with park guests about providing those necessities in their own backyards. 

Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve 
Go inside the wild world of endangered and exotic animals to learn about the importance of animal and habitat conservation. Get up-close with gray wolves in Wolf Valley, American bald eagles in Eagle Ridge, lorikeets and other animals from around the world. Come learn more about these amazing animals and what can be done to protect their habitats. 

NEW FOR 2013

Each year, Busch Gardens® pushes the entertainment envelope to design and develop new and exciting thrills, award-winning shows and delicious culinary delights. This year is no exception as Busch Gardens offers guests a great line-up of new experiences and exciting events for 2013.

Busch Gardens® Food Festival
The park will celebrate what Busch Gardens® does best, offering guests a taste of Europe through amazing culinary offerings. The food festival will feature special foods and beverages not normally found at Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is bringing the great sights, sounds and aromas of world-class cuisine out of the kitchen and into the park so guests can sample authentic tastes of Europe at the world’s most beautiful theme park. More details will be announced soon.


NASA Presents – Launch into Physics (April 19, 26, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and June 7)
Explore the science of roller coasters with Busch Gardens’ funky education program. Students will learn about momentum, acceleration and g-forces by experimenting on and riding Busch Gardens’ world-class thrill attractions.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout Programs
Busch Gardens® serves as a fun and educational experience for scouts of all ages.

Busch Gardens LIVE (May 12, 25, and 26, June 29, Aug. 17, 24, 25 and 31)
Busch Gardens® heats up the stage with sizzling concerts from some of today’s hottest performing artists, including: pop, classic rock and country

Glory at the Gardens (May 19, June 30, Aug. 18 and Sept. 1)
Glory at the Gardens returns this summer to Busch Gardens® with a sensational lineup of chart-topping contemporary Christian and Gospel artists. Glory at the Gardens combines the best Christian-inspired performances with the park’s family-friendly atmosphere for a perfect mix of music and adventure.

Busch Gardens® Food Festival (May 31 – June 23)
Experience Busch Gardens’ first ever food festival. During this immersive event guests will find special and unique foods and beverages. Enjoy the authentic tastes of Europe paired with family-friendly activities and entertainment that will make this event as fun as it is delicious.

IllumiNights: A Busch Gardens® Encore (July 1 – Aug. 11)
Busch Gardens® celebrates summer with IllumiNights, a nightly extravaganza featuring live performances, music and special effects that culminates  in a park-wide firework spectacular. Beginning July 1 and running through Aug. 11, each country will celebrate IllumiNights in its own way with multiple performances throughout the evening.

Howl-O-Scream® (Sept. 13 – Oct. 27)

Busch Gardens’ annual horror fest, Howl-O-Scream® features sinister tricks and terrifying fun for brave guests who dare to enter. Bone-chilling scare zones, frightening shows and gruesome creatures that lurk around the park are stars in Busch Gardens’ celebration of the macabre. The park’s younger guests will be treated to Halloween happenings with their favorite characters at Sesame Street® Forest of Fun™. The haunts begin Sept. 13 and continue to terrify through Oct. 27.

Christmas Town™: A Busch Gardens® Celebration (Nov. 22 – Dec. 31)
Celebrate this holiday season with Christmas Town™: A Busch Gardens® Celebration. Experience the park in a whole new light with exciting attractions, dazzling shows and one-of-a-kind gift ideas that will make everyone say, “Now this is Christmas.” Gaze at millions of twinkling lights while enjoying hot chocolate and fresh-baked Christmas cookies. A complete Christmas Town experience includes a visit to Santa’s workshop and to the parks’ 50-foot tall, light-animated Christmas tree. Christmas Town opens Nov. 22 and will continue, select days through Dec. 31.


Verbolten®: Busch Gardens’ multi-launch, indoor/outdoor roller coaster will send guests on a fun and mystifying family adventure through the Black Forest. Situated in the park’s Oktoberfest village, a German tourist center serves as the ride entrance and as the launching point for an autobahn touring experience that will keep the whole family on the edge of their seats.
  • Multi-launch coaster with environmental theme elements, sounds and light effects, high speed turns and an 88-foot final drop to the water 
  • Reaches speeds of 53 mph
  • Height requirement of 48 inches
  • Situated in Oktoberfest, Verbolten® opened May 2012

Mäch Tower®: As guests enter Busch Gardens’ Oktoberfest, they will see the massive spire known as Mäch Tower®. This thrill ride takes guests on the ride of their lives. The tallest attraction in the park, Mäch Tower lifts up to 30 riders nearly 240 feet above Oktoberfest. After rotating at the top of the tower and getting a few seconds to take in the view, riders drop at breathtaking speed. State-of-the-art special effects including enhanced audio and other surprises will elevate Mäch Tower to new heights in ride design and engineering.
  • Drop Tower attraction that raises riders up to a height of 240 feet, then drops them into a 60 mph free-fall 
  • Other elements include: rotating carousel, on-board audio and seat vibrations
  • Height requirement of 48 inches
  • Situated in Oktoberfest, Mäch Tower opened Aug. 2011

Griffon®: Busch Gardens® defines a whole new generation of roller coasters with the addition of Griffon®, one of the world’s tallest and first floorless dive coasters. The park’s steel marvel plunges thrill-seekers 205 feet at 75 miles per hour. Named for a mythical beast that is part eagle and part lion, Griffon is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that’s unlike any coaster experience in the world.  
  • A 205-foot initial dive, 90 degrees straight down 
  • A second drop of 130-feet
  • Water feature
  • Height requirement of 54 inches
  • Situated in France, Griffon opened May 2007

Curse of DarKastle: The Ride: Deep in the snow-drift hills of Bavaria sits a grand castle frozen in time. Riders can journey to the other side during this bone-chilling chase packed with dizzying simulated drops, fog, shattering ice and pyrotechnic special effects. Curse of DarKastle: The Ride generates a multi-sensory experience unlike anything else. The pulse-pounding ride’s integrated theme elements, 3-D visuals and special effects push the envelope of theme park technology. 
  • Following a nearly two-minute pre-show that hints at a mysterious legend, guests board golden sleighs for a mesmerizing three-and-a-half-minute journey.
  • Height requirement of 42 inches
  • Situated in Germany, Curse of DarKastle opened May 2005

Apollo’s Chariot®: Hold on to your seats when you ride this amazing hypercoaster. Apollo’s Chariot® plummets guests a combined 825 feet.
  • Reaches speeds of 73 mph
  • Carries 36 passengers per train more than 4,882 feet of track in two minutes
  • Initial drop plunges guests more than 210 feet 
  • Guests sit in elevated seats, creating a “free-flight” sensation
  • Situated in Italy, the high-speed coaster opened March 1999

Alpengeist®:  A snow monster notorious for once stalking the French and German Alps, Alpengeist® is rumored to be lurking in the shadows of Busch Gardens’ Germany. Marks of its mischief are evident as the ski-lift-style roller coaster careens uncontrollably, propelling riders on a dynamic, high-speed journey.
  • Hurtles riders down 3,828 feet of track
  • Riders experience six inversions at speeds up to 67 mph
  • Highest point is 195 feet
  • Inversion elements include the Immelmann, 106-foot vertical loop, cobra roll, zero-G roll, flat spin, and high-speed spiral
  • Situated in Germany, Alpengeist opened April 1997 

Loch Ness Monster®:  Continually rated a favorite by park guests, this classic interlocking, double-looping roller coaster gives guests a peek at Scotland’s most infamous serpent. “Nessie” hurls its passengers along 3,240 feet of steel track into the air, over water, and through a dark cave. 
  • World’s first, and currently only, interlocking, double-looping, steel roller coaster
  • Coaster takes riders 13 stories up before racing down a 114-foot drop
  • Reaching a speed of 60 mph, “Nessie” carries 1,700 passengers per hour
  • Situated in Scotland, the Loch Ness Monster opened in 1978
  • Since its debut, more than 50 million guests have challenged the interlocking, double-looping roller coaster


The  Aeronaut Skyride
This sky-high mode of transportation provides guests with a scenic tour of the world’s “Most Beautiful Park.” Passengers enjoy views of all six European countries while relaxing 80 feet in the air. The skyride stops in England, France, and Germany.

Sesame Street® Forest of Fun™ at Busch Gardens®
Elmo, Big Bird and many of their Sesame Street® friends have come to Busch Gardens® and are here to stay. 
  • Elmo's Castle - Interactive stage and wet play area
  • Prince Elmo's Spire - shot-n-drop ride
  • Grover's Alpine Express – roller coaster
  • Bert and Ernie's Loch Adventure - flume ride
  • Oscar's Whirly Worms - rock-n-tug ride
  • Oscar's Yucky Forest - dry play area
  • 1-2-3 Smile with Me! - character and guest photograph experience

Tweedside Train Station
All aboard! Busch Gardens’ three steam-powered locomotives whisk guests through 100 acres of lush landscaping with stops in Scotland, Italy, and France for a breathtaking tour of the park.

Li’l Clydes
For young riders, horsing around has never been this fun. A classic ride for younger guests.

Europe in the Air
A visit to Busch Gardens® is a visit to all of Europe thanks to “Europe in the Air.” This high-tech simulator takes guests on a fun-filled journey across the terrain, over the seas and through the air over Europe.

Le Scoot Log Flume
In a rustic French village, guests looking to cool off on a warm day head to Le Scoot log flume where a refreshing 50-foot vertical plunge through an old saw mill awaits.

Le Catapult  
Undulating far and wide, guests are propelled on Busch Gardens’ catapult.

Der Autobahn, Der Autobahn Jr. 

A Busch Gardens’ classic, Der Autobahn provides the whole family with bumper car fun. Adjacent to Der Autobahn, Der Autobahn Jr. is child-friendly and perfect for younger drivers.

Rhine River Cruise
A relaxing cruise on the Rhine River showcases the beauty of the 100-acre park.

Der Wirbelwind, Wirbelwindchen 
Der Wirbelwind classic swings propel guests to harrowing heights. Wirbelwindchen, the child-friendly version of Der Wirbelwind, is perfect for the park’s younger guests. 

Land of the Dragons®
Land of the Dragons® is a magical play area designed especially for kids. Featuring a three-story treehouse, a Ferris wheel, and children’s show, this entertaining area offers tons of fun for little ones.

Kinder Karussel
Restored to its original condition, this antique Herschell Carousel features 36 hand-carved ponies and two double-bench chariots. It’s perfect for the entire family. 

Roto Baron  
Children get a taste of freedom while piloting these miniature red planes.

Escape from Pompeii®

A seemingly serene boat ride through the ancient ruins of Pompeii turns explosive as Mt. Vesuvius begins erupting. Fiery effects end with a splash finish as the boat plunges riders into the lagoon pool below.

Da Vinci’s Cradle 
Da Vinci’s Cradle offers passengers anything but a peaceful rocking experience. This cradle defies the laws of gravity as it plunges to the ground and soars to the skies. 

Roman Rapids®
Visitors looking for a white-water adventure need look no further than Roman Rapids. Ancient Roman ruins, erupting geysers and waterfalls create a thrilling family water ride.

Battering Ram 
Renowned Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci would have been pleased with this creation. Guests brave enough to board the oversized gondola encounter a powerful pendulum swing. 

Flying Machine
The Flying Machine is one twisted ride, situated in Da Vinci’s Garden of Inventions.

Turkish Delight

Tea parties were never this fun. Riders may take turns controlling the “spin-factor” of these life-sized teacups. 

Trade Wind 
A park classic, guests who board this music express are bound for adventure.

Little Gliders
Younger guests get a taste of flying on this uplifting adventure.

Little Balloons
Up, up, and away. Colorful balloons take children on a lofty ride.

Elephant Run
A child’s version of Trade Wind, the tame Elephant Run will have kids running back for more fun.

In addition to exhilarating roller coasters and rides, Busch Gardens® is recognized for award-winning entertainment. Main stage shows offer park guests live musical performances and animal antics.

Celtic Fyre®

Celebrate Irish culture with “Celtic Fyre®” a new show filled with singers, musicians and Irish dance. Guests become a part of the celebration as our storyteller invites them into his inn to see how the Irish celebrate life.

Dine with Elmo & Friends®
Families that want even more Sesame Street® interaction can dine with Elmo and mingle with the cast of characters over lunch or dinner at a Sesame Street-themed indoor dining facility in Ireland’s Castle O’Sullivan.

More … Pet Shenanigans®
This lively and hilarious show features wacky shenanigans and amazing tricks from dogs, cats, birds and other animals. Performed daily at the Shenanigans Theatre, these animal celebrities will astonish and amaze audiences.

Mix it Up!

Italy’s Il Teatro di San Marco comes to life as a team of chef-inspired musicians cook up fabulous fun in Mix It Up!. Exciting sounds fill the air daily as Busch Gardens’ amazing musicians perform some of Italy’s most popular songs. Watch the plot thicken as our crazy chefs and waiters compete to serve up their musical menu. It’s a fast-paced feast for the ears and the eyes. Enjoy fresh-made Italian favorites from Ristorante della Piazza, grab a seat in the outdoor dining theater and enjoy a hilarious mixture of cuisine and creativity. 

Entwined: Tales of Good and Grimm
Busch Gardens’ Das Festhaus® transforms into a forest wonderland where fairy tales come to life and weave a story told once upon a time. Take a journey with amazing acrobats, delightful dancers and spectacular singers as they take to the stage in this all-new musical masterpiece.


The European countries of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and Italy serve as the setting for
Busch Gardens’ 100 acres of fun-filled exploration. The Williamsburg adventure park is committed to
authentic and accurate themes based on European culture. To create old-world European flare
throughout its six countries, Busch Gardens® carefully depicts each detail from quaint cobblestone
streets and building facades to designer landscapes and beautiful statuary. 

The gateway to a Busch Gardens’ adventure begins in England. Guests receive the royal treatment where unique shops, a delightful bakery, and replicas of Big Ben and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre reside. Attention to detail throughout the picturesque hamlet is evidenced in period door handles, cast-iron mailboxes and flickering streetlamps enhancing the European feel of the park. Adding charm and authenticity, many plants are native to Western Europe.

Elmo, Big Bird and many of their Sesame Street® friends have come to Busch Gardens®. This area features family-friendly rides and playgrounds, character photos and dining, and the opportunity to meet Sesame Street’s beloved characters.

The fearsome Loch Ness Monster® roller coaster resides in Busch Gardens’ Scottish countryside. Celebrated as the world’s first steel roller coaster to debut with interlocking loops, the Loch Ness Monster remains a guest favorite. In addition, Scotland features a host of activities for the entire family. 

Busch Gardens’ Highland Stables feature Scottish black-faced sheep, Border collies, Clydesdales and birds of prey. This exciting exhibit highlights Scottish traditions dating back hundreds of years. Guests can interact with the Scottish animals and see them in action as they perform traditional herding and hunting techniques.

Busch Gardens® has been named the world’s “Most Beautiful Park” every year since 1990 by the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA). This outstanding accomplishment is due partly to the lush terrain of Virginia’s native countryside, but also to the dedicated landscapers and grounds crew that beautify the park’s 100 acres of gardens, walkways, and flowerbeds. More than 30,000 plants and flowers are grown in the park’s 18,000 square feet of “behind-the-scenes” greenhouses and cold frame growing space. In addition, Busch Gardens is committed to environmental preservation. The park’s greenhouse staff releases tens of thousands of beneficial bugs into the park each year as a natural form of pest management, while ground crews pull thousands of weeds by hand each season. In fact, landscape artists spend nearly six hours each day pruning, planting and weeding the adventure park.

Busch Gardens® captures the essence of Ireland, from the country’s warm-hearted people and lush landscapes to ancient castles and fine Irish wares. Guests visiting Busch Gardens get a taste of true Irish spirit. This adaptation of an authentic Irish hamlet features a brightly-colored tavern, shops, stone castles, blooming flower boxes, and contemporary Celtic music. Building facades incorporate elements dating from Ireland’s Megalithic Stone Age (circa 2400 BC) through the mid-19th century. Europe in the Air’s architectural style dates back nearly 4,000 years while Castle O’Sullivan encompasses a building style reminiscent of Ireland’s feudal society (circa 1450). The Emerald Isle® shop charms guests with its lavish giftware as well as its 19th-century rural Irish portico and authentic thatch roof.

Adventure abounds in Ireland with Europe in the Air, a simulated motion adventure ride that propels visitors on a journey through Europe. In Celtic Fyre®, guests will take an unforgettable journey with the cast of singers, Irish dancers and musicians as we celebrate this unique and intriguing culture. Strolling balladeers throughout the marketplace add to the unique theming of this area. 

Busch Gardens® is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of wildlife through numerous educational programs and shows. Discover how adventurous learning can be at Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve. This interactive wildlife area offers a fascinating and up-close look at some amazing species including gray wolves, American bald eagles, lorikeets and other animals from around the world. 

The picturesque country of France transports guests to another time and place with its street cafes, French-provincial architecture and sidewalk artisans. From the style of its slate-roof buildings and colorful café umbrellas to village square statuary and bountiful window boxes, theming through this hamlet embraces French culture. 

Old-world charm meets modern adventure with the addition of Griffon®. Named for a mythical creature known for its power and speed, Griffon is one of the world’s tallest, and first floorless dive coasters. Living up to its name, Griffon sends thrill-seekers on the ultimate adrenaline-pumping adventure as it twists, turns and plunges 205 feet.

Back on solid ground, a rustic French trader’s village showcases the finest leather, candle and wood craftsmanship, folk music, dancing, and barbecue. Le Scoot log flume provides cool relief on a hot summer’s day with its 50-foot vertical plunge. Trappers Smokehouse is a 650-seat restaurant featuring a mesquite-fired show grill, three rustic dining areas and an unprecedented theme park menu selection. 

European charm highlights Germany. The town center Glockenspiel is a unique representation of a 17th-century German original. Three stories high, the Glockenspiel enchants guests every 15-minutes with its marching knights, soldiers and dancing criers. The old-world hamlet highlights brown-timbered buildings with plastered walls and tiled roofs, all representatives of medieval Germanic styles.

Germany’s fine gift shops feature hand-painted beer steins and carved wooden cuckoo clocks. From delectable dessert shops and a cruise down the Rhine River to an antique Herschell Carousel, Germany is home to many rides and attractions. Alpengeist®, an awarding-winning inverted steel roller coaster, and Land of the Dragons®, a magical play area designed for children, are just a few of the adventures awaiting passersby in this bustling village.

The Bavarian-influenced hamlet heralds an authentic Festhaus, traditional German fare, and all the makings of a festival complete with rides and games. One of Busch Gardens’ most thrilling attractions, Curse of DarKastle, makes its home here, sending passengers aboard gravity-defying sleighs careening through the dark and mysterious corridors of a Bavarian castle. 

Busch Gardens’ Oktoberfest village now features restaurants, games and performance venues that follow a traditional German Oktoberfest theme. Guests can enjoy hand-made pretzels, new dining areas and performance spaces set amid canopies of colored maypoles and festive banners that depict the rich heritage of Bavaria.

No European adventure would be complete without a trip to Italy. Busch Gardens’ quaint Italian village fuses world-class rides with romantic song and dance, master craftsmanship and authentic cuisine. Beautiful street-side statues, fountains and lush gardens enhance the Italian ambiance of this marketplace. 

Brave visitors may tour the ruins of Mt. Vesuvius on Escape from Pompeii®, a thrilling water ride with special effects. Da Vinci’s Garden of Inventions features a variety of rides for adults and children alike.

Across a bridge, vibrant colors and light-hearted attitudes encourage guests to share in the carefree fun of Italy. Themed activities abound in this exuberant village. The towering landmark is Apollo’s Chariot®, Busch Gardens’ high-speed hypercoaster. 

Busch Gardens® is an action-packed European-themed adventure park with 17th-century charm and 
21st-century technology, boasting more than 100 acres of fun-filled world exploration.

  • Home to top-rated roller coasters including Griffon®, one of the world’s tallest and first floorless dive coasters
  • More than 50 rides and attractions
  • Voted the world’s “Most Beautiful Park” every year since 1990
  • Live stage shows
  • Wide variety of culinary experiences and world-class shopping
  • Sesame-themed children’s area
  • All-new multi-launch coaster featuring environmental theme elements, sounds and light effects, high speed turns and an 88-foot final drop to the water

  • Three miles east of historic Williamsburg, Va.
  • 50 miles from Richmond, Va. and the Virginia Beach resort area
  • 150 miles from Washington D.C.
  • 210 miles from Raleigh, N.C.
  • 275 miles from Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 360 miles from Charlotte, N.C.
  • 400 miles from New York, N.Y. 
  • 490 miles from Charleston, S.C.
  • 600 miles from Atlanta, Ga.

How to Get There:  Williamsburg is served by air, bus and rail transportation.
  • Airports - Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Newport News (15 miles), Norfolk International Airport (50 miles) and Richmond International Airport (50 miles).
  • Bus and Train - Williamsburg is served by bus lines and Amtrak.
  • Car - Interstate 64 leads to Williamsburg.

Lodging:  Convenient accommodations are available at Kingsmill Resort. In addition, more than 11,000 hotel rooms are available in the Williamsburg area.
  • To book a Busch Gardens® vacation, visit the “Plan a Getaway” link at or call Busch Gardens Vacations at (800) 880-8861.

Additional Services Available
Busch Gardens® is dedicated to quality family entertainment and guest satisfaction. Visitors with disabilities may receive helpful information at the park’s Guest Services and Information Center or may download a park accessibility guide prior to their visit by logging onto
  • Manual and electric wheelchairs and strollers may be rented near the main entrance.
  • Pet kennels are available for a nominal fee at the Pet Center in the England parking lot near the main entrance.
  • Busch Gardens’ First Aid station is situated between Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve and the park’s France section. Registered nurses and emergency medical technicians staff this facility during park hours.
  • Trained service animals are welcome at Busch Gardens®. Thrill rides may not accommodate service animals; however, they may ride along on the Aeronaut Skyride, Busch Gardens Railway, Rhine River Cruise and Kinder Karussel.
  • Assisted listening devices are available at select areas of the park. Guests may inquire at the park’s Guest Assistance Center for assistance.

The Guest Services and Information Center situated just inside the park entrance offers a variety of services for guests:
  • Height Check Station offers children the option of getting measured for the day. Kids receive a colored wristband, based on their height, with a sheet of kid-friendly rides.
  • Ride Accessibility Program matches guests with disabilities with rider requirements. The program also can provide more information about additional services offered for guests with disabilities.
  • Lost & Found Center 

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® inspires millions, through the power of entertainment, to celebrate, connect with and care for the natural world. The Company has been creating innovative entertainment experiences that blend imagination with nature for more than 50 years and is best known for its 11 U.S. theme parks, attractions that hosted more than 24 million guests in 2012 and include the beloved SeaWorld®, Busch Gardens® and Sesame Place® brands.  The parks offer guests a variety of up-close experiences, from animal encounters that invite exploration and appreciation of the natural world, to thrilling rides and spectacular shows.  In 2011 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment began expanding its popular brands into media and entertainment platforms to connect people to nature and animals through movies, television, and digital media; plus began developing new lines of licensed consumer products.  

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a global leader in animal welfare, training, husbandry and veterinary care.  The Company maintains one of the largest animal collections in the world and has helped lead advances in the care of species in zoological facilities and in the conservation of wild populations. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment also operates one of the world’s most respected programs to rescue and rehabilitate ocean marine animals that are ill, injured and orphaned, with the goal of returning them to the wild. The SeaWorld® rescue team has helped more than 22,000 animals in need over the last four decades.  

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment employs more than 21,000 people nationwide.

Additional Information: To learn more about Busch Gardens® and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment®, visit or call (800) 343-7946.

Busch Gardens® has received many prestigious honors, including:

“Most Beautiful Park”:  The National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA) named Busch Gardens® the world’s “Most Beautiful Park” since 1990.

Readers’ Choice Awards by Theme Parks Magazine: Placing in nine of 17 categories, including most beautiful park, top 10 steel roller coasters, with Griffon® placing second in the favorite “New for 2007” category. Other notable placements include best food, best live entertainment, cleanest park, best seasonal event, best water ride and best themed ride or attraction.

Golden Ticket Awards by Amusement Today:  “Best Landscaping – Amusement Park” category. Busch Gardens® has won the award every year since 1998 when the category was established.

General Admission $72
Children (3 - 9)   $62
Children (2 and under) FREE

Flexibility and convenience are important when planning any vacation and Busch Gardens® Vacations offers both. Featuring a unique blend of history with the excitement of two world-class adventure parks, Williamsburg is the ultimate family retreat. 

Busch Gardens® Vacations
  • Quality lodging at affordable prices. Guests can choose from budget-friendly accommodations to luxurious resorts like Kingsmill Resort. Extensive hotel descriptions, amenity information and pictures are available at
  • Customized packages include admission to Williamsburg’s best attractions. Ticket options allow unlimited admission to Busch Gardens® and Water Country USA®.
  • Online booking and vacation confirmations are performed in real time.
  • A dedicated call center features trained sales professionals to assist in vacation planning.
  • Attraction tickets are delivered to the hotel prior to guest arrival.
  • For more information, call (800) 880-8861 or visit online at


From American History to European Adventure, Williamsburg Offers an Exciting Vacation Experience
Families seeking a vacation filled with diverse entertainment will find Busch Gardens® and the surrounding historic area of Williamsburg, Va. just the ticket. Nowhere else can families experience a record-breaking roller coaster, visit an Irish village, catch a cool wave, chat with Thomas Jefferson and explore a Powhatan Indian village all in the same day. It’s a vacation where families can experience American history and tour Europe without jet lag.
  • Kingsmill Resort is a luxurious, contemporary resort situated on 2,900 acres along the majestic James River. One of the country’s finest resorts and Virginia’s largest golf resort, Kingsmill Resort offers upscale accommodations, three 18-hole championship golf courses, a luxurious spa and fitness center, and six restaurants and lounges. 
  • Colonial Williamsburg represents the restored capital of 18th-century England's largest and most important colony in the New World. This vast outdoor living-history museum, with public buildings, private homes, stores, taverns and gardens, is brought to life with tradesmen and historical interpreters in full-period costume. 
  • The National Park Service operates two national parks within a short distance of Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Yorktown Battlefield is the site of the final, major battle of the American Revolutionary War and symbolic end of Colonial English America.  Jamestown National Historical Site consists of 22.5 acres on the western end of Jamestown Island and was the first permanent English colony in North America.
  • Jamestown Settlement tells the story of America's first permanent English settlement, established in 1607, 13 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Mass. Re-creations of the colonists' fort, three ships and a Powhatan Indian village depicts life in the early 1600s. In 2007, Virginia’s and America’s first permanent English settlement commemorated its 400th anniversary. The commemoration began in May 2006 and encompassed 18 months of festivities, ten signature events, and hundreds of community projects and programs. 
  • The Yorktown Victory Center is a museum of the American Revolution that chronicles America's struggle for independence from the beginning of colonial unrest to the emergence of a free nation. Gallery exhibits provide eyewitness accounts of the revolutionary era and tell of "Yorktown's sunken fleet," ships lost during the 1781 siege of Yorktown.
  • Less than an hour’s drive from Williamsburg, Norfolk and Virginia Beach are two cities packed with family fun. Norfolk is well known for its military presence and is the site of the world's largest naval base. Nauticus, the National Maritime Center situated on the downtown Norfolk waterfront, harnesses the power of the sea in this interactive showplace. Nauticus also is home to the Battleship Wisconsin, open daily Memorial Day through Labor Day. Virginia Beach coaxes sun-worshipers to its shores each season for rest and relaxation. The three-mile oceanfront boardwalk includes larger-than-life sculptures, entertainment stages, and a designated boardwalk bike path. This popular East Coast beach offers deep-sea fishing, sailing, water skiing, and scuba diving. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking, biking, or kayaking excursions that take them into Virginia Beach’s many parks and refuge areas. 

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