What is Aquatica™ San Antonio?
It’s an aquatic park with up-close animal experiences, high-speed thrills and relaxing, sandy beaches.

Is Aquatica™ San Antonio different from Lost Lagoon?
Simply put, yes. Lost Lagoon was a stereotypical waterpark. But Aquatica™, SeaWorld's Waterpark truly is a unique experience – a blend of exhilarating water rides and breathtaking animal experiences in a tropical oasis.

What is Aquatica™ San Antonio known for?
Two things: for having the amenities and beachfront resort and for its iconic stingray raft ride – which takes riders through an underwater grotto to see several species of stingrays and tropical fish.

Are there new rides and features?
We’ve added new rides, pools and animal encounters. One family raft ride is the first of its kind in North America and the other the only raft ride of its kind in the world!

Can I buy a ticket to Aquatica™ San Antonio without buying a SeaWorld® ticket?
An Aquatica™ San Antonio ticket can only be purchased as an upgrade to a SeaWorld ticket. SeaWorld admission is required in order to purchase a ticket to Aquatica™ San Antonio.

How much is a ticket or pass to Aquatica™ San Antonio?
See the "Admission" page for complete Aquatica™ San Antonio pricing details.

Is Aquatica™ San Antonio in the same location as Lost Lagoon? Is it any bigger?
The new park has taken over the land formerly occupied by Lost Lagoon, and it is several acres larger.

Are some of the rides the same as in Lost Lagoon?
Most of Aquatica™ San Antonio features completely new experiences. We have kept a few of our most popular slides, and we’ve added some new ones – both of which have never been created in North America.

RoaWhen will the new park open?
Aquatica™ San Antonio is currently closed until March 2014. The waterpark is open select days annually from March thru September.