What is Aquatica™ San Antonio?

The South Seas meets South Texas at Aquatica™ San Antonio, a whimsical, one-of-a-kind waterpark only SeaWorld® could create. Aquatica blends up-close animal experiences, waters from serene to extreme, high-speed thrills and sandy beaches.

The look and feel of Aquatica™ San Antonio is inspired by the vivid color, stunning flora and the carefree personality of the South Sea Islands. Crystal-blue rivers wind through hidden grottos. Refreshing waterfalls and rich greenery surround stunning sand beaches. The park icons - whimsical animal patterns inspired by the Maori culture of New Zealand - adorn carved totem poles and colorful structures.

Aquatica™ San Antonio features two terraced pools, a giant wave pool, meandering rivers and racing rides – including a one-of-a-kind family raft ride that goes underwater through a reef filled with stingrays and tropical fish and another ride that sends family rafts up a zero-gravity wall where riders experience weightlessness.

More than 42,000 square feet of sandy beaches cover the park.

Vibrant flora represents exotic beach destinations from all over the world. Several species of tropical plants, such as palms, bamboo and banana trees, create serene gardens throughout the park.

The park’s signature animal - the majestic stingray - will be represented in a few different species, including cownose and spotted eagle rays. Macaws and Spoonbill birds and a multitude of colorful fish add to the park’s playful, high-energy atmosphere. Guests zoom and float through these amazing animal habitats, creating the most thrilling waterpark rides in the world.

Visitors also will encounter unusual birds and animals in walk-around interaction opportunities. Goodwill ambassadors of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, these animals inspire guests to learn more about the environment and conservation.

Guest Comfort
Aquatica™ San Antonio’s expansive sand beaches, refreshing lagoons, personal cabanas will set a new benchmark for guest comfort at waterparks. The park is designed for ease of access with all the luxury and amenities of a beachside resort.


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