England & Scotland

In England, the air is filled with the sights and smells of mouthwatering Christmas goodies. Take a break from winter’s chill for a quick snack in regal holiday surroundings. Savor a sweet treat’s aroma and the holiday moment in England’s picturesque Banbury Cross.

France & New France

C'est magnifique! Enjoy authentic wassail or a cup of delicious hot chocolate while wandering the sparkling streets of France, then journey in New France through an evergreen forest nestled with cabins and rustic antiquities.

Holiday Hills

Dasher’s Diner will feature many Christmas goodies to try including a unique buffet and other holiday food options.


You’re invited to the charming town of Killarney where Christmas is being celebrated with festive music, soul and community spirit.


Warm up inside with a glass of your favorite holiday beverage while stroll through the glittering Italy, or enjoy a delicious Italian dinner while watching the inspiring show Miracles.

North Pole

While visiting Santa, snag a sweet treat or a satisfying snack.


Dine in grand style at Das Festhaus while enjoying the irresistible dance rhythms and sing-a-long songs, or enjoy a hand-rolled pretzel with your favorite craft or seasonal beer.