Education Programs



The SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks offer a wide array of education programs for students, educators and families. 

Camps are most popular during the summer, but some are offered year round.  Day Camps are all day summer camps.  Those students that live near our parks most often participate in Day Camps.  Resident Camps are typically 5-14 days long and connect campers with careers at our parks.  Several of our parks have resident lodges where students live throughout the week.

Sleepovers offer students the ability to literally sleep with the animals.  Programs include activities throughout the evening, dinner, breakfast and accommodations at one of our animal exhibits where you can fall asleep with tigers, dolphins or other animals.

School Programs are our most attended programs.  Hundreds of thousands of students visit our parks and participate in specially designed, standards based programs.  These programs are supported with activities and materials that can be used before and after an educational visit to our parks.

Outreach programs are offered seasonally.  Our education staff can visit your school, bringing education, programs and animals to those that might not be able to visit our parks.  We often visit entire communities throughout the year and travel nationwide.

Tours are offered at all of our parks to provide visitors with experiences not typically available to general park guests.  Behind the scenes tours, animal interaction tours, VIP tours and more can enhance your park visit experience and connect you with the natural world.

Scout Programs are specially designed programs to support Boy Scout and Girl Scout initiatives. Several of these programs support badge programs.  Our education staff at the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks have worked with the local Scout Councils to align experiences and resources at the parks with the scout curriculum.