Introducing Manta® at SeaWorld® San Diego, an amazing and immersive attraction that takes you deep into the world of rays. On Manta, you can soar, dive and twist like a ray on SeaWorld San Diego’s first multi-media double-launch coaster. Or surround yourself with gliding rays in a one-of-a-kind grotto where you can touch and feed these incredible animals. It’s all new and full of firsts for the whole family. Manta – Ride the ray. Feel the rush. – only at SeaWorld.

Drop your belongings off in the lockers outside the entrance before getting in line to avoid losing any personal items.

Ride Access:

For those guests who are not able to wait in line, a virtual queue system is utilized on busier days and guests will be given a return time to ride (see team member at the ride entrance). At the provided time, the guest will proceed to the queue entrance, to board the ride. Please see the team member for assistance and loading instructions.

Height Restrictions:

Riders must be at least 48” tall.

Ride Restrictions:

For your safety, you should ride only if you are in good health. Guests who know or suspect that may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck or back problems, recent surgery, sensitivity to strobe effects, prone to motion sickness, have a heightened sensitivity to dark enclosed places or any other impairment or medical condition that may be affected by the features of this ride or prevent the normal seating or use of the safety restraints as provided, shall not ride.

Riders of Size:

Due to Manta’s unique harness, riders of size may not be able to ride Manta. For your convenience, a test seat is available at the ride entrance. A green light will display on the harness if you are safely able to ride Manta.

Physical Restriction:

Guests must have sufficient total body control and have at least one functioning hand and two functioning legs in order to ride. Guests with an amputation above the ankle may not ride. Guests with an amputation below the ankle may ride, provided the guest has two functioning hands.

Prosthetic legs are not permitted on the ride. Guests with any type of arm or hand prosthesis should ensure that it is properly secured and will remain in place in spite of the forces experience during the ride. Guests with a broken collar bone, neck brace, full arm cast or full leg cast must not ride. All other casts must fit comfortably inside the ride unit. Guests must have the ability to enter and exit the ride without endangering self or others. Please see a team member if you have any questions.

Service Animals:

Not Permitted

Loose Articles:

Loose articles are not permitted on Manta. If loose items cannot be secured in a sealed pocket, please leave them in your vehicle, with a non-rider or in a locker. Items such as backpacks, purses and cameras will not be permitted in line. SeaWorld is not responsible for lost or damaged items.