View our flocks of over 250 colorful flamingos in the Bird Gardens and Egypt or look for them during the daily Flamingo Parade.

Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay is home to Caribbean and Chilean flamingos. Did you know that the flamingo lagoon in Bird Gardens is home to more than 250 flamingos?

Ask an Educator

Q: How tall are they?

BG: Caribbean flamingos are 31 to 57 inches tall. Lesser flamingos are the smallest flamingo species measuring just 31 to 35 inches tall.

Q: Where do they live?

BG: Caribbean flamingos are found in the Caribbean, the northern coast of South America and Galápagos Islands. They make their homes in tropical and subtropical saltwater lakes and lagoons. Lesser flamingos live in eastern, southwestern and western Africa and India and Pakistan.

Q: Are they endangered?

BG: Caribbean flamingos are not currently endangered, though populations are suffering due to habitat and breeding site loss. Lesser flamingos are more severely impacted by these threats, as they breed in only three locations in all of South Africa.