Safari of the Imagination: Grades K-2

This outreach program will use your senses of smell, hearing, sight and more to search for animals lurking in the brush.

We’ll bring a virtual African safari right to your school and bring your students’ imagination to life… Wildlife!

Available for Pre-K through 2nd grade students.


“Safari of the Imagination” is a 45-minute program designed to fit within your class periods and can be conducted on your school stage or multipurpose space. Busch Gardens’® staff will bring live animals to your school, and present them with a program designed specifically for Pre-K-2nd grade students.

“Safari of the Imagination” connects with the following Next Generation Sunshine State Standards:

  • SC.K.L.14.1
  • SC.1.L.14.1
  • SC.2.L.17.2


$325 for the first show and $250 each additional same-day show.