Get an up close look at the largest land mammal by visiting the five female Asian elephants during a "Meet the Keeper" interaction in the Nairobi section of the park.

Five female Asian elephants currently call Busch Gardens® Tampa home. You can visit the herd in the Nairobi section of the park or get even closer with daily interactions at the Elephant Interaction and Husbandry Wall or on an Elephant Insider tour.

A Closer Look

The leader of a family of elephants is a female, known as the matriarch. She is often the oldest, largest or most experienced elephant in the herd.

Ask an Educator

Q: What do elephants eat?

BG: Elephants eat vegetation including grasses, fruits, vegetables, leaves and bark. You can join the animal care staff and help prepare “special treats” for the elephants at Busch Gardens® Tampa during an Elephant Keeper Experience.

Q: How many Asian elephants are currently left in the wild?

BG: Slightly over 35,000 Asian elephants remain in Southeast Asia. Forests are being destroyed because of the commercial demand for forest-derived products such as coffee, tea, rubber and hardwoods.

Q: How do elephants communicate with each other?

BG: Elephants can use low frequency sound waves for communication. These sounds carry for distances up to 10 miles.


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