Visit the Myombe Reserve® for an up-close look at the largest of all of the primates, the gorilla, and see how similar they are to humans.

Visit Myombe Reserve® for an up-close look into the lush forest home of Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay’s gorillas and chimpanzees. Here, you’ll see the great ape’s natural behaviors like how gorillas construct “beds” of vegetation to sleep on at day’s end.

A Closer Look

Just like humans, gorillas have 32 teeth, individualized fingerprints and toe prints, opposing thumbs and even nails instead of claws!

Ask an Educator

Q: How did the Gorilla’s get the name silver backs?

BG: Grown males develop silver-gray saddles across their backs and upper thighs, earning them the name silver back.

Q: What do Gorilla’s eat?

BG: Gorillas eat mainly plants including their leaves, stems and roots. Since vegetation has relatively low nutritional quality they must consume a large quantity. An adult male gorilla may consume more than 18 kg (40 lb) of vegetation per day.

Q: How long do Gorilla’s live?

BG: Gorillas live an average lifespan of about 35 years in the wild but, in controlled habitats like Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay they may live up to 50 years.