Learn more about one Africa’s most interesting and misunderstood animals, the hippo in Edge of Africa®.

The hippopotamus, whose hide alone can weigh half a ton, is the third-largest living land mammal, after elephants and white rhinos. Hippos are herbivores, meaning they eat only vegetation and they spend much of their time in the water.

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A Closer Look

Hippopotamuses are very aggressive animals, by nature, especially when young calves are present.

Ask an Educator

Q: Do hippos sweat blood?

BG: While it may look like a hippo is “sweating blood” on a hot day, hippos actually secrete pinkish colored oil that helps them keep their skin moist in hot climates.

Q: What do hippos eat?

BG: Hippos are herbivores, which means they prefer grasses and vegetation. Since hippos’ lips are almost two feet wide, they are extremely efficient grazers.

Q: How long do hippos live?

BG: In the wild, hippos typically live between 20 and 40 years. In managed care at accredited facilities like Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay hippos typically live into their fifties!