Hop over to Walkabout Way to hand-feed Busch Gardens’ mob of red and western grey kangaroos!

These large, muscular animals are known for their long, broad feet that allow them to hop and their long thick tails to help them to balance. Visit Walkabout Way® to interact with the red and western grey kangaroos!

A Closer Look

Western grey kangaroos have very close social bonds and keep their family connections for years. A daughter often stays close to her mother even after she has a joey of her own.

Ask an Educator

Q: How are baby kangaroos born?

BG: Kangaroos usually give birth to one offspring, or joey, after a gestation period of only 31 days. The joey climbs from the birth canal to the pouch and lives there for approximately eight and a half months.

Q: Do baby kangaroos nurse from their mothers?

BG: Yes, a joey will nurse from his/her mother for additional six month after leaving her pouch.

Q: How fast can a kangaroo run?

BG: Average running speeds are typically around 12 mph; however, kangaroos are able to run as fast as 35 mph in short bursts.