The Wildlife Docs

Join us on an animal adventure with The Wildlife Docs.

Some of the most majestic creatures on earth live right here at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife theme parks.  Beautiful, breathtaking and powerful, The Wildlife Docs will introduce you to over 12,000 exotic animals that call the park home and the select men and women who care for them.

Go behind the scenes with this team of dedicated doctors and animal experts, as The Wildlife Docs reveals the adventure, suspense and dynamic emotions that arise from caring for one of the world’s largest and most varied animal collections.  And witness how in times of trouble these creatures rely on the skill and compassion of the small team of elite veterinarians. 

The Wildlife Docs focuses on the stories of individual animals, their top-notch doctors and the amazing medical procedures that are all in a day’s work.  From the life-saving to the life-enriching programs, the doctors enable the animals to experience better health and longer lives.  You will be immersed in real time drama where lives are on the line, and experts are stretched to their limits. 

You will also see first-hand, the heart and innovation that go into each treatment, as these skilled doctors develop new techniques to cure their patients.

And along the way, you’ll witness babies born of every stripe, from the exotic and endangered, to the cute and cuddly.  These treasured moments will continue the circle of life, and these heart-warming stories of the special bond between man and animal will touch viewers of all ages.

The Wildlife Docs is a weekly reminder that when expertise is combined with compassion, the world is forever changed for us all.

Hosted by Rachel Reenstra, The Widlife Docs is part of Litton’s Weekend Adventure airing weekend mornings on ABC affiliates nationwide

Parents' Choice Award

Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs were both Emmy Award-nominated for “Outstanding Children’s Series” in 2016, as well as presented with a silver honor from the Parents' Choice Award


Additionally, The Wildlife Docs recently received a Telly Award in the children's category. The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.