Cobra's Curse

Florida’s thrill leader, Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay, puts a SPIN on thrills with Cobra's Curse!

Get ready to snake your way through Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay’s ultimate family roller coaster! Take a deeper look at why the new ride is the only one of its kind in the world and be sure to join us for a whirlwind adventure on Tampa's favorite coaster, Cobra's Curse.


The Ride

The One-of-a-kind spin coaster features a menacing 30,000-pound snake king icon and a 70-foot vertical lift that will take riders within inches of its 3 foot-wide eyes and 4-foot-long fangs. During the three-and-a-half-minute ride, the coaster trains speed along at 40 mph down 2,100 feet of serpentine-like track, traveling backward, forward and then spinning freely. Guests will experience a new spin with each ride. Each train spins randomly, with frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution.

The ride’s air-conditioned queue naturally fuels guests’ adrenaline with an immersive themed experience and a state-of-the-art snake exhibit.


The Legend

Long ago, the Snake King reigned over the earth and sky. Four smaller snakes adorned his head, representing the cardinal points of north, south, east and west. He used his great body to protect the earth from the forces of chaos and provided gentle rains, temperate weather and a bounty of fruitful harvests. He was revered by his people. In his honor, they built a mighty complex of temples.

As the Snake King gained more and more followers, his power grew. In time, he became so consumed with his own magnificence and glory that he neglected the rains and gentle winds. Crops failed, and a terrible drought settled upon the land. The people soon turned away from the king, which infuriated him. Out of spite, he did everything in his power to stop the warmth and light of the sun. He blocked the light with his vast coils and shook the earth with his thunderous roar, before disappearing forever.

Betrayed by their once benevolent king, the people destroyed the idol of the Snake King, breaking off the head and shattering the body into a dozen pieces. They blocked the entrance to the temple and the complex was eventually buried in the sands of time. A curse was laid upon the site: If the temple is uncovered and the head of the idol is set back in place, the Snake King will rise again to power and unleash a curse that will spin the world into a one-of-a-kind frenzy.


The Snakes

Come face-to-fang from the moment you enter Cobra’s Curse™! In fact, you will be just inches away from a 400-cubic-foot snake exhibit. The design of this multi-level exhibit reflects the theme of the ride while featuring several animal husbandry and enrichment components designed with the snakes’ welfare in mind, including naturalistic design elements, controlled heat sources and humidity control.