Plunge from the sky on our floorless dive coaster by the masters of motion at B&M. 

Climb 200 feet to the edge of a 90-degree drop that inches you mercilessly over the edge—and stops.

Then surrender to speed as you dive straight down into a 70 mph coaster whirlwind with an Immelmann loop, a second dive into an underground tunnel and a splashdown finale that drenches SheiKra fans waiting to catch their own piece of the fun.

Ride Access

For those guests who are not able to wait in line, a Virtual Queue system is utilized and guests will be given a return time to ride (see team member at the ride entrance). At the provided time, the guest will proceed to the disabled entrance to board the ride. Please see a team member for assistance and loading instructions.

Height Restrictions

Riders must be 54’ tall to ride SheiKra®.

Ride Restrictions

For your safety, you should ride only if you are in good health. Guests who know or suspect that may be pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck or back problems, recent surgery, sensitivity to strobe effects, prone to motion sickness, have a heightened sensitivity to dark enclosed places or any other impairment or medical condition that may be affected by the features of this ride or prevent the normal seating or use of the safety restraints as provided, shall not ride.

Physical Restriction

Guests must have the ability to sit upright and maintain proper riding position throughout the ride. Guests must have appropriate weight distribution to allow the restraint device to function properly. Guests must have control of upper torso including head and neck.

Guest must have the ability to hold on with at least one functioning hand and to brace self with two legs or the ability to hold on with two functioning hands if the guest's lower extremities are sufficiently strong to maintain a proper riding posture under the dynamic conditions of the ride. Amputation must be at the knee or below. Guests with an amputated leg above the knee may ride, with the use of a separate three-point harness, provided the guest has at least one functioning hand, one functioning leg (to the knee or below), and enough leg remnant to be secured by the separate three-point harness.

Guests should refer to Guest Services to determine their specific ability to ride. Leg prostheses are not permitted on the ride. Guests with any type of arm or hand prosthesis should ensure that it is properly secured and will remain in place in spite of forces experienced during the ride.

Guests with a broken collar bone, neck brace, or any type of hard cast shall not ride. Please review all restrictions listed on the sign at the attraction entrance.

Service Animals

Not Permitted

Accessibility Guide

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