EZpay With Price Lock Guarantee


Florida Residents can take advantage of EZpay, our popular monthly payment program exclusively for Pass Members. EZpay offers 12 low monthly payments with no down payment on 1-year Annual Passes. Credit card holder must be over the age of 18 and present to redeem EZpay vouchers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZpay?

EZpay is an interest-free monthly payment program designed to make it easy for anyone to become a Pass Member at our parks. It is available for Florida residents only (proof of residence required, no PO boxes).

How does it work?

Just select EZpay when you purchase your Pass. After you set up your account, your credit card will be billed every month for a minimum of 12 months. Once your initial 12-month commitment is satisfied, your account will continue on a monthly basis, subject to your right to cancel at any time.

What is your EZpay Price Lock Guarantee?

Our EZpay Price Lock Guarantee is a valuable benefit, and another way of rewarding our loyal Pass Members. Once your initial EZpay commitment is complete, we’ll guarantee that your current monthly rate will stay fixed for as long as you keep your Pass active — up to 60 months from the commencement of your membership — even if Pass prices go up.

Do I need to renew my EZpay account when my membership term ends?

No, after you have met your 12-month commitment, your Pass will automatically roll over to a month-to-month membership, which you can cancel at any time.

Are there any finance charges connected to EZpay?

No. EZpay is an interest-free program to help make Pass membership easy for anyone to afford. In fact, most of our Pass Members use EZpay.

How do I set up my EZpay online account?

Visit the Pass Member Website to create an online profile. Then select the EZpay tab to update your account information.

Can I make changes to my membership after signing up for EZpay?

Absolutely, the easiest way is through the Pass Member Website. The Pass Member whose credit card is on file will just need to register first. Then you can:

  • Change contact information.
  • Update credit card information
  • Change your billing date
  • Make advance payments

Please note Members or parks cannot be removed, nor can a membership be cancelled, until your initial 12-month commitment is complete.


For more information, call us at (813) 884-4FUN, visit the Pass Member Website or ticket windows.

Purchase an Annual Pass

» Purchase an Annual Pass online with EZpay today!!

Pass Member actions that result in cancellation of initial membership agreement will require payment in full of each Pass purchased. Prices for future EZpay Members are subject to change. EZpay is available to Florida residents only. Proof of a Florida residential address (non-PO box) is required at time of ticket pick up (Valid Florida driver’s license or valid Florida state-issued ID card with a Florida address). Credit card holder must be over the age of 18 and present to redeem EZpay vouchers. Parking is not included on the first visit, unless the Annual Pass is purchased online prior to visit. Passes are non-transferable, non-refundable and may be revoked for misuse. EZpay only applies to Passes that are valid for 1 year. EZpay only applies to Passes with an initial commitment of 1 year. Please refer to EZpay contract for full terms and conditions.