Sleepovers at Busch Gardens are packed with so much fun and learning (shhh, don't tell them), who has time to sleep? Imagine your students sleeping alongside tigers or feeding giraffes their breakfast.

Join us for a nighttime adventure that begins at the end of a day—and explore the park in a whole new way! Sleepovers are one-night adventures that begin at 6:00 p.m. and end the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Participants sleep in a variety of venues based on the theme of the sleepover and the size of the group. All sleepovers include dinner, breakfast, a Camp T-shirt and water bottle for each participant. All you need to bring is sleeping gear and good walking shoes!

Educators After Dark Sleepover

Kids aren't the only ones having fun at the zoo! These just-for-teachers nights will allow you to network with educators from around the state, share ideas and brainstorm a plan of action that encourages students to get involved. Busch Gardens® Tampa's Education staff facilitates standards-based, interdisciplinary activities and provides take-home curriculum.

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Jack Hanna Family Fun

Join us for a night of family fun, animal interactions and an hour-long visit with Jack Hanna. Enjoy an evening of wild activities while encountering animal nightlife in Edge of Africa. Spend some quality time with Jack Hanna as he shares a few tales about his travels. At the end of the evening's quest, sleep overnight in one of our secure on-site venues.

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Teams of sleepover participants will negotiate through Jungala in a test of their combined wildlife knowledge and ability to solve puzzles. Groups will compete to reach the conservation Trunk of Knowledge at a final destination using clues, communication and navigational skills.

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Jungala Jubilee Birthday Sleepover

Get ready for the WILDest birthday party ever. Enjoy a unique pajama party and meet jungle animals--tigers, orangutans and more! Play in Treetop Trails at Jungala and trek Tiger Trail before bed. Sleep across from Bengal tigers in Tiger Lodge to create a unique birthday memory that lasts a lifetime.

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Night Tails Sleepover

Join us for a night of discovery, games and encounters of the WILD kind to explore animal adaptations and test your talents at the same time.

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Physics Day Sleepover

The Physics Day Sleepover is designed to extend Physics Day activities into the evening. Join us for an action-packed evening either the night before or the night of Physics Day.

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Sleepover Add On - Park Admission

Add park admission on to your sleepover with a day at Busch Gardens.

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Sleepover Add On - Serengeti Safari

Add on the opportunity to hand-feed a giraffe on a Serengeti Safari. Truck across the Serengeti Plain accompanied by a Busch Gardens education specialist. Sleepover participants will encounter zebra, antelopes, and other African wildlife up close and learn how they can help protect endangered and threatened species.

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Survival of the Fittest Sleepover

In the animal world, only the strong survive. Lucky for you, you have the help of your friends. Team building is the name of the game here, for humans and animals. Learn about natural selection and survival strategies, while having wild adventures all your own.

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