Eagle Ridge

Make a visit to Eagle Ridge and meet some gutsy survivors. Each of our American Bald Eagles has come back from injuries that left them unable to survive on their own in the wild. Hear their inspiring stories and feel the sense of awe that travels with these iconic and majestic birds.

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Highland Stables

Spend some time at Highland Stables and take part in a celebration of centuries old Scottish traditions. Interact with blackface sheep and their border collie guardians. Enjoy demonstrations of traditional herding and hunting methods. Our regal Clydesdales are waiting there to say hello, too.

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Lorikeet Glen

Stroll through Lorikeet Glen and make a bunch of new friends as colorful birds glide down to greet you from the branches of this fascinating, free-flight aviary.

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Wolf Haven

See the animal presentation, Howl to Coexist, where rats, raptors, wolves and foxes give you a glimpse into their elusive lives.

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